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Treadmill fitness for women: the benefits and dangers of Jogging

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Treadmill fitness for women: the benefits and dangers of Jogging

The contents

  • The benefits of running for body
  • Cons of physical activity
  • Rules Jogging fitness workouts for beginners

The desire for a beautiful slim figure common to many women, and for the realization of their dreams many of them are turning to fitness training. Some go to the gym, others do not. In the absence of time and resources to specialized sports facilities, you can resort to the help of the simplest way to reduce weight and maintain health – run. It requires no special training, expensive and available to most people. But before you begin classes, you should weigh their advantages and disadvantages, in order to objectively assess the suitability of the run for the goals.

The benefits of running for body

Jogging is an aerobic form of exercise, involving an active movement and keeping the heart rate within a certain range. It does not require additional power burden, at least in the early stages of training, so they can even those people who did not run since school PE.

On the positive properties of runs can be attributed to the following items:

  • At the time of active running accelerates the circulation, causes the heart to contract more and more. With regular fitness, the heart muscle becomes accustomed to push large amounts of blood in a single cut, becoming much stronger. It gives people the opportunity to better cope with planned and unexpected loads, and less tired.
  • For many women, stress is a constant companion of life; accumulating anxiety and the experience to make faster get tired, quickly upset, you may experience a headache. Running stimulates the production of serotonin and helps to cope with these problems: anxiety and stress decrease, and after exercise boosts mood and improves health.
  • Another hormone that is produced when running is the endorphins, which gives people strong feeling of happiness and delight. Therefore, among runners often cheerful and cheerful people, able less have a negative attitude to their problems, resulting in their solution given to them is relatively easier.
  • Regular physical activity requires increased energy consumption, so with a reasonable diet, the body will partially consume fat deposits, making the athlete’s body more slim and attractive.
  • High locomotor activity is considered to be the prevention of cancer of the colon, breast, lung and mucous membrane of the uterus.
  • Systematic fitness training helps to maintain the body young: scientists believe that the permanent cross-country loads, the wear of the body are slowed down by an average of 10-20 years.
  • The increase in the inflow of oxygen caused by accelerated blood circulation, beneficial effect on the brain. People learn better and memorize, increases its efficiency.
  • The positive effect from running is observed in people suffering from insomnia, so those who badly falls asleep, it is necessary to include Jogging in your daily routine.
  • To use running can and skin problems: accelerated blood circulation delivers more nutrients to skin cells, which has a beneficial effect on the complexion.
  • Systematic fitness training provide complete recovery of the body, so they should be required to include in its regular schedule.

    Cons of physical activity

    Any physical activity is stress for the person and makes him come out of his comfort zone. Therefore, listing all the positive properties of running, we should not forget its disadvantages:

  • Shock has a negative impact on the knee joints, people suffering from articular diseases, will have to look for the analogue of the run, for example, Nordic walking. To minimize the negative effects, you need to choose the right running shoes, given the degree of attenuation required, as well as having orthopedic problems. In addition, Jogging is better to choose stadiums with a special coating or soft ground. Jogging on asphalt and concrete should be avoided.
  • Running doesn’t involve hand work. If sprint races some part of the load rests on the upper part of the body, then the standard Jogging this from occurring and to maintain the harmony of the shapes will require additional fitness classes.
  • Running is contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the spine, such as herniated disc. For the selection of the optimal physical activity in this case it is better to consult a doctor.
  • It is not recommended to start training in the elderly: weak joints and heart muscle can not withstand such stresses. People age it is better to opt for walking. The same recommendations given to people with high body weight: first you need to lose weight through proper nutrition and moderate cardio loads, and then start Jogging.
  • In the first class the body may not be ready for new loads in the side will be felt the stabbing pain, appear shortness of breath, sore muscles of the legs. This is a normal reaction of the body of the novice, and to overcome it, you need to remember a few General rules for running.

    Rules Jogging fitness workouts for beginners

    Man, I have never engaged in sports, the first minute of running can seem a real challenge, and not to quit fitness classes halfway, remember and use the following tips:

  • The possible need to maintain steady breathing throughout the exercise. The body will experience severe stress due to lack of oxygen and the person will feel the need to greedily inhale by mouth. When properly metered loads and orderly running of the respiratory organs adapted to new requirements, to further support proper paced breathing will become easier.
  • First Jogging can last from 5 to 15 minutes depending on the physical data. It is absolutely normal indicators, they gradually rise to 30 and then to 60 minutes of continuous running.
  • New to the fitness world it is better to choose a flat track, with no climbs, ruts and large rocks. This will reduce the chance of injury and will help to keep an even pace.
  • Opinion better focusing in front of him: when tilting the head down difficult breathing, and escape becomes more difficult.
  • You should not toss high knees or, on the contrary, shuffling feet on the ground. Better to land on your heel, gently rolling to the toe and starting them again.
  • Jogging should be individualized based on the needs of the body someone easier morning training sessions, others prefer the evening, when joints and ligaments are warmed up movements for the day.

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