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Training with the BOSU platform: rules and exercises

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Training with the BOSU platform: rules and exercises

The contents

  • Fitness workout with the BOSU: advantages and disadvantages
  • A set of exercises with the BOSU
  • Recommendations for exercises with a BOSU

Sports equipment BOSU consists of a rigid platform with a diameter slightly greater than 60 cm and a rubber hemisphere with a height of 30 cm Both positions of the projectile are working, that is, the hemisphere can be drawn both up and down. Hence the name of the trainer: Both Sides Utilized, which translates as “use both sides” (abbreviated as BOSU). Most commonly the platform of the BOSU is used in exercises for the development of a sense of balance and coordination (functional training).

Fitness workout with the BOSU: advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of BOSU platform:

  • Strengthening the core muscles. When performing exercises with the BOSU in the work of actively engaged core muscles. This set of muscles for stabilizing the body, pelvis and hips. Core muscles get a good workout, even if the exercise with the BOSU develop other muscle groups. They have to strain to maintain a stable position of the body on an unstable platform.
  • The training of the vestibular apparatus. Even the most simple exercises on the BOSU platform, well develop coordination and sense of balance.
  • Versatility. Platform BOSU used in various types of fitness. Basically it is Pilates, stretching, aerobics, strength-and functional training exercises physical therapy.
  • Increase calorie consumption and extra load on the muscles. BOSU brings a familiar exercise an element of instability, making them more difficult and effective.
  • The opportunity to diversify their fitness training. Accessories, such as platform BOSU, stability balls, resistance bands, not only increase the effectiveness of the exercises: they help avoid routine in training and to maintain interest in fitness.

The disadvantages of the BOSU include the following:

  • High cost. BOSU platform has a lot in common with fitball. Externally, the BOSU resembles half an exercise ball attached to a rigid surface. In some respects, superior to the BOSU fitness ball. But if you compare these two shells at a cost, the advantage is on the side of the ball.
  • A small selection of videotronic. Platform BOSU was developed relatively recently — in the late 90-ies of the last century. So the video tutorials with the BOSU is much less than with the same exercise ball.
  • The risk of ankle injury. If you do not follow the correct technique of exercises, fitness training with BOSU can result in the sprain of the ankle joint. When setting both feet on the hemisphere need to make sure that your feet are on the BOSU right in the center of the hemisphere, parallel to each other. The knees should bend slightly.
  • Difficulty with balance. People who have poorly developed sense of balance, it is better to start with more simple (no BOSU) exercises to develop balance and coordination.
  • The inability to use heavy weights. Will have to choose one or the other: or to balance on the platform, or work with heavy weights. To do it simultaneously too hard and unsafe. There are maximum allowable weight for BOSU platforms. It is about 150 kg.

A set of exercises with the BOSU

  • Put one foot on the hemisphere, and the other on the floor. Perform squats.
  • Back away from the BOSU on the step. Standing with his back to the platform, put one leg back and place the sock in the center of the hemisphere. Sit down. Both knees bend to a right angle. Make sure that the knee standing on the floor his feet were not made for the toe. Perform a series of lunges, first with one foot, then the other.
  • Stand with both feet on the hemisphere. Raise your arms up and slightly tilt them to the right. Turn the body in the same direction. From this position, perform a squat. Squatting, turn your body to the left, and the hands move to the left and down.
  • Get in push-up position, placing one palm on the floor and the other on the BOSU. Exercise.
  • Flip the BOSU so that a rigid platform on top. Lean on the platform with his hands. Take the emphasis lying. Alternately pull your knees to your chest. Knee guide obliquely — diagonally.
  • Turn the BOSU soft hemisphere up. Lie on her side, leaning on the floor with your elbow and forearm. Lower legs to the floor. Upper hand bring forth and place on the hemisphere. Raise and lower the legs.
  • Lie with your back on the floor. Bend your legs, feet on the hemisphere. Do gluteal bridge: lift your pelvis from the floor and lift it up. At the top the body should form a straight line from neck to knees.
  • Lie with your back on the BOSU. Hands behind your head. Knees bend, feet on the floor. Do the twisting.
  • Sit on the BOSU. And lean back, legs pull forward. Hands lean on the hemisphere. Lift the body at the same time bend your knees and pull them to him.
  • Lie with your stomach on the hemisphere. Legs, pull, rest on the floor socks. Hands behind your head, elbows point to the sides. Head down to the floor. Stand tall, slowly lift up your upper torso and lignite back.
  • Flip the rigid platform side up. Lean on the edge of the platform with his hands. Jump, spread legs apart and together again.

Recommendations for exercises with a BOSU

Beginners need to pay attention to the following points:

  • First, do a warm-up and only after it start to perform a set of exercises with the BOSU.
  • If you exercise both feet stay on the plane, place the feet parallel to each other and be placed in the center of the platform. Keep your knees slightly bent.
  • Always train in shoes. Sole of shoes should be non-slip.
  • Take your time. Do a set of exercises with the BOSU without haste, not to get a sprain or stretching.

Fitness training beginners should wear lightweight nature. At first it is better to work without weights. Many of habit it is difficult to keep a balance on a BOSU even with empty hands, but with dumbbells, the problem is complicated. Beginners should not inflate the BOSU to the maximum. The more inflated hemisphere, the harder it is for her to train.

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