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Training with own weight

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The effectiveness of training with their own weight many professional athletes causes controversy and doubt. There is a perception that the exercises without additional weights do not give a great result. However for newcomers to the sport functional training is perfect for improving physical performance and increasing muscle mass.

The pros and cons of bodyweight training

If you set out to improve the terrain of the body, then the body weight is appropriate for you. But for a set of muscle training with lots of repetitions without weights don’t fit perfectly. Professionals in sports very often suggest a set of exercises TABATA. This functional training is a good fight with excess weight. However, people suffering from obesity, this exercise can be dangerous. It is better to first seek the advice of a doctor in this case.

The benefits of functional training:

  • Not require the cost of sports equipment in the early stages of the sport.
  • Conduct the workout at home or on the Playground.
  • Training program adapts to yourself, changing or adding exercise.
  • Fix problems musculoskeletal system and posture.
  • Mnogocwetnye performing exercises trains several muscle groups.
  • There are also disadvantages of such trainings:

  • Not suitable for people with a large overweight.
  • It is impossible to gain more muscle mass.
  • In the future there will be the need to purchase sports equipment for effective workouts.
  • During the lessons without equipment follow the correct breathing and technique exercises.

    The main principle of the system of breathing during physical activity is inhaling air at a voltage and inhalation – light stage of the exercise. Not adhering to techniques, you not only will not achieve the desired result, and may injure yourself. Before beginning,view videos sports and will evaluate the technical component of the exercise. Also, during the first class stand in front of a mirror. This will help keep track of your mistakes and performance technique.

    No need to rush when you perform the training, all the program positions do slowly. Do not make a great stop before repeating or between sets during exercise, try to use the load group of muscles, which make the approach. Make the effort and do the workout with maximum efficiency.

    At the end of each workshop will devote 15-20 minutes of cardio. If you are a beginner then first class run at an average pace. You do not need to exercise at a furious pace, better to keep proper breathing and perform cardiotonica longer. Perfect fit for this interval running or climbing stairs.

    Efficiency mnogosloinykh exercises

    Mnogocwetnye bodyweight exercises are a great solution for those who for a short time want to lose weight or to give relief to the body. Large amount of exercise refers to the basic techniques, they is mandatory for most athletes. If you perform these workouts regularly, your strength will grow more intense.

    If you are not able to visit the gym, the perfect workout without equipment. Basic training includes the following exercises: push-UPS, squats, chin-UPS, lunges, etc. If difficult to perform, for example, push-UPS, you will be able to find an analogy in a milder form. Combine the base with optional exercise, try during training to pay attention to all the groups of muscles, namely muscle groups legs, chest, back and arms.

    Exercise program weight for men: powerful techniques

    Requirements for newbies:

    • consistency and repetition exercises;
    • optimized load and systematic activities;
    • the increase in the number of sets and reps for a quality load.

    To improve the quality of the body of professional athletes is recommended not only to choose a good position workout, but to follow the rhythm of classes. It is recommended that the training with lots of repetitions, for example in one lesson to complete: 30 squats (10 reps for 3 sets); 18 push-UPS (for 6 repetitions in 3 sets). On the same principle and do other exercises.

    The following list of functional training that aims to improve the quality of your body:

  • Burpee to increase the intensity, try each time to jump higher. (10-12 times in three sets).
  • Strap, there are many variations of exercises. Beginners should start with 20-second plank, gradually increasing the time to 60 seconds.
  • Lifting the legs to the crossbar with a delay at the highest point. (15 times for three sets).
  • Push-UPS on a bench with a narrow hand position, great pumped muscles the dorsal division, and shoulders. (12-15 times in three campaigns).
  • Dips. (8-10 reps on each leg).
  • Slow rolling will help to bring in the press form, pay attention to breathing while running. Do about 30 reps per workout.
  • Selegiline to higher ground: 30 times on each leg.
  • The leg lifts from a prone position. (12-15 times in 3 sets).
  • The attacks, in a confined space you can run in place, 30 reps on each leg.
  • Be sure to observe the pause between classes, come on time for the muscles to relax. In untrained people the muscular system recovering slowly after a workout, foreseeing a small extension and before exercise warming up for 10 minutes.

    If you fulfill the above recommendations, exercises without equipment will have a positive effect for the body, but if devote to such pursuits a small amount of time, the results will be insignificant.

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