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Training triceps: tips on preparing a fitness program

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Training triceps: tips on preparing a fitness program

The contents

  • The structure of the triceps to understand the process of fitness movements
  • The main exercise for triceps
  • Features fitness program for triceps for fans of a healthy lifestyle

In the construction of beautiful proportional body is important role play exercises designed to work out the triceps. They help to load the lagging muscle groups, and to achieve the desired effect. In my classes fitnesspartner attach great importance to the work with the triceps, which depends on three-dimensional shoulders.

The structure of the triceps to understand the process of fitness movements

The triceps consists of three muscle bundles and has a second name “three-headed shoulder muscle.” In General muscle structure of the hand it has the shape of a horseshoe and covers a 2/3 of the total volume of the shoulder muscles. Fitness division exercises on each of the heads of probation, because the work they are involved together. But there are nuances that help reinforce the load on an area:

  • to focus attention on the long head doing more exercise with outstretched hands or lower them behind your head with the weights;
  • to load the medial and lateral heads use motion abduction elbows out to the sides or Michaud hands;
  • to download the long and medial heads use the supination and the pinning of the elbows to the body.

For safety training it is important to carefully follow the technique of performing exercises, and not to use the maximum weight.

The main exercise for triceps

Basic exercise to work out the triceps have different embodiments: with their own body weight, dumbbells, barbells at the gym. Among the elements you can choose the suitable movement, as for home workouts, and full fitness room.

  • Reverse push-UPS.

Sit on bench, palms abut the edge of the seat. Straining your arms, move the pelvis over the edge of the bench so that the body hung in the air. Feet extend forward or (more complicated variant) stack feet on a support. Exhaling, bend the elbows, lowering the body down. Hands should form at the elbow joint to a right angle. With the exhale return to the starting position. To increase the burden, in the process of performing the exercise stops at the limit points, straining the muscles. To prevent displacement of the load from the deltoid muscle not be commonly put hands.

  • French press sitting.

As a complication, take the dumbbells, picking up the weight to perform 10-12 reps at maximum tension. Sit on the bench, back erect, hands grip the dumbbell, and raise it over your head. Second hand placed on the waist. Exhaling, lower the dumbbell behind your head and, without stopping at the bottom, raise it up. Do not include this element in a fitness program for those who have diseases of the elbow joints, as the slightest distortion of the equipment may result in injury.

  • French bench press.

To complete this element of fitness, you should not use maximum weight to avoid injury. Fall back on a horizontal bench, firmly pressed to her lower back and pelvis. The foot rests on the floor. Take the barbell so that the palm was the width of the shoulder girdle. Pulling his hands above his head. On the inhale bend hands in elbow joints at right angles, omitting the neck to the forehead. Slightly delayed in this position, and with the exhale return the hands up. In the process of implementation can not take the bar behind the neck reverse grip: if the brush is weak, then the projectile will slip from their hands. Lower the barbell behind your head shifts the load to other muscles, so the movement should end at the forehead.

  • Bench press in the supine position.

Fall back on a horizontal bench between the uprights. Tightly pressed against the pelvis, shoulders, and lower back to the bench. The post take the neck narrow grip. Remove the bar from the racks. A projectile above the thoracic in fully extended arms. Exhaling lower the fretboard down, elbows go behind the body and sides. On the inhale squeeze the barbell up. When performing this element of fitness you can’t take the bar behind the neck reverse grip, as well as too widely to place hands on the fretboard.

  • Extension of the extremities in a block training simulator.

To perform the exercise stand in front of the simulator, two hands take the handle, pull it to the thorax, the body slightly tilted forward. The back side of the palms looking up. Hands in the elbow Department pressed to the sides. On the exhale, straighten your hands down, pause at the point of ultimate contraction, then slowly bend the hands. Should be performed at least 3 approaches on 10 to 12 repetitions.

  • Extension of one hand in a block training simulator.

This fitness element similar in implementation to the previous one but the trainer should be D — shaped handle. Stand so that the current arm parallel to the cable, and the second hand put on a belt, or rely on the simulator. The body is slightly tilted forward, the palm should be turned towards the body. Take a deep breath, hold your breath and bend your hand down. Then, exhaling, bend the elbow back. The back should not participate in the movement. Select the weight to perform 12 reps.

  • Extension of hands in an inclined position.

Stand next to the bench, tip the body forward, push with your palm to seat the second hand dumbbell. The back should form a parallel line with the floor. The arm is bent at a right angle so that the shoulder was parallel to the back and forearm with a dumbbell perpendicular. On the inhale bend your arm back, pause, then return to the starting position.

When working with simulators and shells, you cannot use the force of inertia — every fitness exercise is done with muscular control.

Features fitness program for triceps for fans of a healthy lifestyle

The effectiveness of the trainings ensures a correctly formatted fitness program. For full muscle recovery aiming exercises on the triceps perform not more often than 1 time a week. It should be remembered, that the fitness elements, which load the chest muscles, employ and triceps.

Beginners a healthy lifestyle, doing sports less than two years, you should not use isolated exercises: triceps worked out better base. Particularly relevant pushups on the parallel bars and a bench press with a narrow formulation of the hands.

When you work with triceps it is impossible to prevent overtraining. Constant pressure depletes the muscle, not letting it fully recover. If the classes planned deterioration of the results and stagnation, so the fitness program is chosen wrongly and should be more rest between the two workouts on the triceps. Do not try to increase the weight to a maximum: after a good rest it is necessary to vary the degree of stress. For strength training, we should not forget about good nutrition so that the muscles could recover quickly.

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