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Training the gluteal muscles and legs for girls

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Today, women are training in the gym as men. The most common goals female weight loss or bleeding of the muscles of the legs, buttocks and press. The ideal female figure in today’s world is considered to be a sports body. For this reason, the number of women in the audience is increasing every year.

Tips for women training in the gym

The popularity of gyms and fitness centres is growing every day. If used to meet a girl training with “iron” was weird and unusual, but today it is common. Each girl comes to the gym with a different initial goal, someone wants to lose weight, someone to gain muscle mass, and someone just to maintain its shape. However, the ultimate goal of each of them, a toned body with crafted leg and gluteal muscles, as well as pressure. In order to achieve this you should know the basic principles of the training for the girls in the room.

One of the most frequently asked questions – how often should to do? It often happens that the training program is designed for three days, as this amount of training is enough for girls.

On the first day of the training program, and this is usually Monday or Tuesday, it is recommended to carry out basic exercises aimed at the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

Base to perform better at the beginning of the week, because the weekend after the body has fully recovered and rested.

The following advice for training is the duration of work on the body in one program. As the progress of the training scheme does not need to change. If you’re working on one program more than a month is not observed shifts and results, it is necessary to adjust or completely change. Even in the presence of an effective scheme, it is necessary to change after four or six months of permanent work, as the body gets used to the same exercises and stops responding to them as at the beginning of the training.

As for the most important for all girls question – when to expect results, the answer is it depends on the personality. In addition to training, over eighty percent of success is in nutrition. Exercises for legs and buttocks will bring better effect only if compliance with proper diet. However, don’t expect to see in the reflection in the mirror of his ideal after a month of work. Of course, the changes will be, if you adhere to the correct power supply and do butt exercises and leg press, back and arms in the gym. Especially we will see clearly the difference in the measurements and weigh-ins, so if you decide to change your body, make sure to do measurements before and aspire to the ideal.

The principles of the training program

As stated above, the women’s training consists of three sessions per week. If you came in the gym hall for the first time, it is better to take personal training, at least for the first lesson. It is necessary to see the equipment and the proper technique of the exercise. Failure to comply with the technique increases the risk of injury. Also this leads to the fact that even the best exercise for legs or buttocks in the gym will not be effective.

Training buttocks and legs for girls should consist of a combination of basic and isolation exercises. Performing basic exercises assists build up the muscles than training, consisting solely of isolation exercises. Accordingly, the schema-based workout focusing on legs and glutes for the girls in the gym should be the basic exercises.

A significant error of the training in the hall among the newcomers is the fear of increasing load (weights). However, if you avoid it, the result can not be seen at all, as the body quickly adapts to physical stress similar. It is also recommended to change not only the weight but also to increase the number of repetitions.

The scheme of training

Training buttocks and legs for girls at the gym is a little different from men’s training. The most common exercise among females are squats and lunges with weights (barbell, dumbbells). Not less popular extension and leg curl, mixing and dilution in the simulator. Effective exercises to pump the muscles of the lower body – squat in Hakka or the Smith, leg press and dead lift. Approximate training program painted for three days, but to pick up the exercises, number of repetitions and weight you need individually.

First day of training you can start with the most difficult exercises. Before strength training, you should warm up with cardio and then move on to squats, gluteal bridge, lunge and squat with the broad statement of the feet. To end a training day, you need a drill press and stretch. The number of repetitions and weight it is recommended to select depending on physical fitness.

The second day of the training aimed at the elaboration of different muscle groups. It consists of mandatory warm-up before training with cardio, and then perform pull-UPS in the simulator, Romanian thrust, thrust to the belt of the lower block and press with an arrangement of the dumbbells on the bench. You should start with small weights, dumbbells for beginners at the gym (for girls only) weighing not more than three or four pounds.

The third day of training consists of a combination of exercises for all muscle groups. On the last day of the training week and more attention paid to isolation exercises. After performing your favorite kind of cardio you should go to the attacks on weights, hyperextension, abduction of the leg is weighted. To finish the lesson, you need exercises for abs and stretching.

There are two common kinds of training depending on the client’s goals – muscle gain and weight loss. For masonboro recommended to always increase the weight load and to carry out a small number of repetitions. For weight loss effective mnogopoliarnym training with small weights. Most importantly, regardless of the purpose, adhere to the correct power circuit. For weight loss requires a deficit of calories to gain muscle – surplus.

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