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Training programs for girls

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Look instagram – so women’s training appears to be another planet. Instead of barbells and dumbbells, some elastic bands, instead of squat, and deadlift with the bench – a strange movement in polupricepy. In fact, is a marketing coaching services. Girls used to believe that it is very much different from boys because they are easier to sell all this strange activity. In reality, efficient are all the same strength exercises, and focus should be more on working on technique and less on “male and female” versions of popular exercises.

Features is – they lie in the complexity of development by women of zimowych movements for the upper body, and the peculiarities of proportions. Long legs and short body most girls do not allow them self to deliver good technique squats. Hence the weight of mental suffering on the “growth of the legs and the lack of progress in the gluteus”. And “special” is the attitude many people still believe that women should train easily, and to engage in almost a dance with weights that they have got a beautiful body. The reality is more prosaic.

The contents

  • 1 the Differences of women’s training programs
    • 1.1 weight Reduction and decreased fat
    • 1.2 training Program for muscle gain
    • 1.3 Exercise to tone
  • 2 General rules of strength training
  • 3 Exercise 1
    • 3.1 twisting the press
    • 3.2 hyperextension
    • 3.3 the classic Squat (bar on back)
    • 3.4 Thrust block to the chest
    • 3.5 raising of the pelvis with a barbell
    • 3.6 Bench press
    • 3.7 Breeding dumbbells standing
  • 4 Exercise 2
    • 4.1 Reverse crunches on a bench
    • 4.2 hyperextension
    • 4.3 Lunges with dumbbells in hands
    • 4.4 Pull the dumbbell to the belt in the slope
    • 4.5 deadlifts in the classics
    • 4.6 Breeding dumbbells lying
    • 4.7 Reverse pushups on the bench
  • 5 Exercise 3
    • 5.1 twisting the press
    • 5.2 Hyperextension
    • 5.3 sumo Squats with dumbbells
    • 5.4 Pull rod to the belt in the slope
    • 5.5 the Military press
    • 5.6 Romanian deadlifts
    • 5.7 Diversion of feet in the crossover
  • 6 Cardio
    • 6.1 Circular without weights

The differences of women’s training programs
Weight loss and reduction of body fat

Amateurs love to talk about the fact that there are no fat-burning workouts, there is only the lack of calories from food. In fact, “metabolic” or fat burning workout there is. Just most of the visitors gyms can withstand about two minutes of this training. The only “gyrosigma training” is circular, consisting of basic exercises with a barbell, the weight of which roughly 70 percent of odnoprovodnoi high. The movement perform a series of 30-40 seconds without rest, “circles” you can do only 4-5. This training increases oxygen consumption by the body at rest, and accelerates metabolism. And it is not practical for beginners.

Regular visitors of the hall must first learn how to do basic exercises and control the position of the body, and only then to manipulate the oxygen consumption with a circuit workout. At the start fit the classic scheme “2 of cardio a week and 3 power”. The plan may be:

  • Perform strength training for all muscle groups three times a week and Separate the exercises on the planes, or work on the principle of “the day the squat and bench press and day thrust and vertical bench press”. Beginners can do and have the same set of exercises in the gym, the more important the frequency and technique, not “super new” plan of exercise and their combination;
  • Do cardio 2 times a week. Laypersons like to refer here of circuit training with the weight of his own body, or work in the cardio machines, but for the beginner, the first type of activity, rather power than cardio. Therefore, those who studied until at least six months must understand cardio either walking, Jogging, pedaling a bike, either all the same, only in simulators. Usual recommendations “to perform 20 minutes of cardio on your days off” too short, not all. Focus here is on the paradigmatic half an hour of physical activity per day recommended by the who, so we can be healthy;
  • Seto-re scheme “diet” needs to provide a large amount of the training activity. If it is easier – less weight burden. More approaches. Optimally – 4-5 sets of 6-12 repetitions of each exercise with good technique. Do you need circular? Not if their performance in humans, no strength or lacks physical form;
  • The food must meet two requirements – equilibrium, that is, a sufficient amount of fats and proteins with a lower amount of carbohydrates, and focus on creating energy deficit. To calculate a ration using the app Fat Secret or any other.
  • Training program for muscle gain

    “Wishlist” – type “make the nut” or “toned legs and shoulders sport” is nothing like a set of muscle mass. Sounds scary to the layman, but the girl has chances to turn into the Hulk a little. Even if you remove the cardio, and train with weights in the power mode, and there are protein, the result is just a toned athletic body and not the figure of the monster mass.

    What to do:

    • Be in the gym a day, not more;
    • To review the diet at least 3-4 g of carbs per kilo of body weight, and 2 g protein. If the digestive tract is unable to cope – to take enzymes. But there will have muscles will not grow out of thin air;
    • Approaches and repetition can be different. If a girl can’t gain muscle, working in the usual “bodybuilding” mode, for 8-12 repetitions, it shows the force mesopotamy training, in the regime of 4-6 repetitions in 5-6 approaches. All the rest – the standard 5 sets, two of which – the warm-up.

    Workout to tone

    The experience of sports denies this direction. Coaches say that you can not just “pull muscles” without the force. This category of women infests a marketing industry – the sale of a 20 minute workout without weights, some weird pants, and fitness classes like entertainment kindergartners. Exercises for the tummy body is usually referred to as strength training for those who have excess fat, but not overweight. The so-called “skinny fat” and have to do cardio, and strength:

    • 3 strength workouts a week will help to pump the muscles and get rid of sagging;
    • 15-20 minutes of curiosamente in the end power will increase the consumption of calories;
    • Approximately 1.8 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight and 3 grams of carbohydrates is enough. Do not forget about the fats – at least 1 g per day is necessary for women’s hormonal health.

    Any health problems a reason to go to the doctor, and the presence of spinal deformities, injuries, joint pain – to find a qualified coach. No sports experience is also a reason to contact the coach. A few personal training sessions would be useful if the last exercise was held in the school, but of energy and enthusiasm galore.

    General rules of strength training

    Power should be ordered. You can’t just walk into the room, and chaotically run around the gym, calling it “circular”.

  • Starts strength training not with the articular warm-up, and with a light generalized cardio. Translate – with walk in the stepper, ellipse or rotate the pedals of the exercise bike. Need to work out just 5 minutes to achieve a light sweat, then go to articular warm-up.
  • The joints are kneaded in the anatomical plane – that is, elbows and knees bend and unbend the wrist and ankles and shoulders and hip gently rotate. Enough 9 flexion-extension or rotations in each joint. Head also need to be turned gently, not throwing it up.
  • To begin to do strength exercises need a warm-up weight. This is a mandatory rule – generally begin with 40 to 50 per cent of the planned working weight, then add 5-10 kg in the exercises for the legs, and 2.5 kg in the exercises on the “top”.

    Warm-up is mandatory not only in the movements with a barbell, but exercise for the back, arms, and even the press. To download it you need to start with a smaller amplitude, gradually increasing it.

    It is important to rest between exercise timer, slimming, rest a minute, all the rest 90-120 seconds. If the purpose of training – development of strength, it is possible to relax and more time for being. The program below is suitable for any purpose, to optimally use the working weights, that girl can lift in good technique. Remember that for most of the success of the training program will be determined not so much the program itself, how much observance of rules of food.

    Exercise 1
    Twisting the press

    Exercise for the rectus abdominis

    The exercise is performed from a starting position lying on the floor, heels are separated from the buttocks at a distance of 10-12 cm, feet literally pressed into the floor. Need exhale, allow the lower ribs to the pelvic bones, and to return to its original position.

    Do 3 sets of 15-20 times. Eventually you can add weights – dumbbell behind the head.


    Long muscles of the back, biceps of thighs, buttocks

    Accepted original position face down in the trainer for hyperextension. The body is lowered, the spine perpendicular to the floor. Exhale – full extension of the body, with the breath sinking down.

    Perform 10-20 repetitions in three approaches, over time you can increase the load, picking up a pancake from the rod and removing his head.

    The classic squat (bar on back)

    Work the buttocks, thighs and center of the body

    Rod is taken from the racks, located at the level of the clavicle female athletes. The neck lies just below the upper beams of the trapezius muscles so that your back could be strained. The grip on the neck – hard, wrist flexing back is not necessary. On the exhale, the rod is removed from the racks using the extension in the knee joints, you step back and placing the feet in side. Then the pelvis descends with the exhalation, and the knee is drained to the sides and bend. The optimum lowering depth of the pelvis – one in which is maintained a straight back, and there is no rounding in the lumbar. You have to get up with the exhalation, resting at the floor the entire foot.

    If during a squat off your heels, you need to pay attention to the width of the stop, pick up weightlifting shoes on the platform, and to engage in stretching of the ankle joints. If the main problem is in the knees, you should work in a more narrow stance.

    Learning to squat start with the extension of the tibia in the simulator, and then squat without weights, the goblet squat with the shell on his chest, working in the simulator Smith, and finally, rod. The purpose of the development of this chain is the development of mobility of the knee, ankle and hip joints, and strengthening muscles.

    Thrust block to the chest

    Working the back muscles

    Starting position – gray on the bench, simulator with full emphasis stop at the floor. You then on the exhale, begin to pull the blades to each other and to the spine, and reduce back muscles allow the arm of the machine to the chest, and then return to its original position.

    It is important not to start a “biceps”, by bending the arms at the elbow.

    Pelvic lifts with a barbell

    Work glutes and biceps hips

    You need to sit next to the bench, positioning the blades on it and prop up the foot to the floor. You then take your buttocks off the floor and out to the “spine parallel to the floor”. The blades should not go on the bench ahead. You can hold the weights with your hands. Beginners sometimes learn the movement without the rod, and only then begin to use it. If you put the neck to the hips is not comfortable, you need to wrap it with a special lining, or use the mats for fitness.

    Bench press

    The bar from the racks takes the assistant to avoid injury. Even if it is 20 kg of the fretboard you still need insurance. Starts the movement from the tie blades and “indentation” of the pelvis into the bench, then assistant takes the rod to direct the elongated hand grip slightly wider than shoulder width. Lower the barbell to your chest at the solar plexus, to touch the body and neck. Forearms are at an angle of 45 degrees to the body. Squeezed the rod in one powerful movement.

    After all repetitions, the assistant helps to return the barbell to the rack. In order to avoid shoulder injuries should not be press flat the back should remain pressed blades, not the waist.

    Breeding dumbbells standing

    This exercise on the shoulders. You need to stand straight, slightly bend your elbows, slightly lean forward, and perform the abstraction of forearms to the side. As soon as the forearm will be parallel with the floor, the movement is stopped, and gradually return the dumbbells to the starting position.

    Exercise 2
    Reverse crunches on the bench

    Core muscles

    Lie on the bench, or take the emphasis lying down, holding hands behind your head (you can grab any prop), exhale through the efforts of the abdominal muscles to bring the legs up to the waist, and slightly twist the pelvis to the lower ribs. Inhale – to lower back. Movement should not occur due to the inertia, to zamachivat feet should not be.

    Run 3 sets of 10-20 repetitions.


    Repeats what was done in the first session.

    Lunges with dumbbells in hands

    Thighs and buttocks

    Stand up straight, feet under the shoulders, dumbbells in hands. Step back, keeping the distance between the hips and lower body down by bending at the knees. At the lowest point hip, “forward” leg parallel to the floor.

    You need to perform the same number of repetitions on each leg.

    Pull the dumbbell to the belt in the slope

    Performs a tilting free hand rests on the bench, working, is with a dumbbell at the side. By bringing the scapula to the spine, the dumbbell reaches for the belt on the exhale. On the inhalation, descends.

    The movement begins with a shovel, not with a reversal of the case.

    Deadlifts in the classics

    Rod is installed on the floor, grip a little wider than shoulder width so that my hands were on the inside of the thighs. Grip durable, straight, you can use straps. Grif at the start for the ankle, Then the pelvis is slightly lowered, weight is transferred to the heels, and, pushing his feet into the platform, the athlete takes the barbell from the floor, not relaxing the back. Due to the extension in the hip joint, the neck rises to the level of “your pockets” and then gently lowered back.

    Breeding dumbbells lying

    You can use a straight or inclined bench. First, tie the shoulder blades to the spine, and lowering them to the pelvis, then lower slightly bent at the elbows of the arms to forearms parallel with the floor, lowering to the sides. Then the reduction of arms in front of chest.

    Reverse pushups on the bench

    Exercise can replace dips if enough strength training for this. First you need to sit on the bench, lower the buttocks lower edges, and to perform bending at the elbows. Forearms parallel to each other. Then do push-UPS to the original position. Legs can be straight (difficult option) or slightly bent at the knees.

    Exercise 3
    Twisting the press

    As in the first session, 15 repetitions in 3 sets.


    As in exercises 1 and 2.

    Sumo squats with dumbbells

    Thighs, buttocks and the long muscles of the back

    The movement of people mistakenly believe the squat, in fact it is – a craving. We need to take a dumbbell in your straight outstretched arms, put foot on the most comfortable wide stance, and lower the pelvis below the knees, touching the dumbbell of the floor, from this position, the back features angled a little so that his hands were straight and perpendicular to the floor. By extension of knees and hip joints should be fully straighten up, returning the spine to a vertical position.

    Thrust rod to the belt in the slope

    Working the back muscles

    Rod is taken from the racks, the height is at mid-thigh. Stepping back with running, and tilt forward so that the angle was approximately 45 degrees. Next, the movement reminiscent of the work of all of the exercises at the back of the blade to shrink down to the spine, the rod is driven to the lower abdomen, then reverse the movement.

    The military press

    Rod is taken from the racks on the chest, grip slightly wider than shoulder width. Forearms perpendicular to the floor. Running the bench press barbell behind the head up, and lowering it to initial position.

    Romanian deadlifts

    The movement also called “the Romanian deadlifts”. Rod is taken from the racks, as in the thrust in the slope, but the movement resembles a deadlift. Due to flexion in the hip joint, the rod is lowered to a comfortable depth, and then comes back.

    Lead feet performance

    Effective exercise for pumping buttocks.

    Turn to face the trainer, put on special leg strap and attach it to the lower unit. Pull the leg back and come back.


    The more body weight, there should be less shock to the joints. Those who are overweight should not perform exercises in an explosive style, it is better to rotate the pedals of the exercise bike, walk on the elliptical machine or use the rowing machine.

    I can run around those who have no excess weight and very good training, the rest are just a quick walk away.

    Circular without weights

    These workouts can replace the conventional pass time when there is no access to the hall.

    Do 5 rounds without rest:

    • 20 squats without weight;
    • 10 push-UPS;
    • 20 attacks;
    • 10 parallel pull-UPS on a low bar;
    • 20 burpee

    The second option involves circular 1 minute per exercise and repeat the circle 4-5 times

    • Strap
    • Direct the curl to press
    • Jumping from squats
    • Pushups
    • The gluteal bridge with no weight
    • Attacks

    Exercise regularly, eat in accordance with the needs of your body, and you will definitely achieve success.

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