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Training program of Schwarzenegger: features and exercises

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Want to pump your own body and make it look like the musculature of Arnold Schwarzenegger? Then you have to get serious about training. Classes, which turned the figure of Arnie in “hardware” included in the German classical training. Go!

The popularization of this trend in bodybuilding has contributed to Joe Weider. However, for novice athletes, the training method of Arnold Schwarzenegger can be dangerous, so it is better to refuse from this idea. Classes designed exclusively for experienced athletes! In order not to harm the health, dedicate free time to explore information about bodybuilding and its principles.

Features workout

One of the most significant literary achievements in sports is “the New encyclopedia of bodybuilding” describes the annual program of training of Arnold Schwarzenegger. This book contains and reveals all the subtleties of strength exercises to workout biceps, triceps, pectorals and other muscle groups. An important factor influencing the effectiveness of training is good genetics.

Training program bodybuilding star is based on the study of a particular muscle section within one class.

For maximum effect, Arnold chose strength exercises aimed at the three muscle groups, dividing the workout to:

  • feet;
  • the dorsal division;
  • shoulder and chest muscles.

Training program for beginners

Basic program Schwarzenegger includes the elaboration of three muscle groups per week with a daily interval in between. Pumping each Department is given two training sessions. This system is called “three day split”.

Monday and Thursday is training the pectoral and dorsal muscles, comprising:

  • pullover;
  • the bench press on the bench with a straight or inclined angle;
  • lifts smooth legs in vis on the crossbar;
  • thrust in a tilted position;
  • deadlift;
  • pull-UPS on the bar wide grip.

To perform any exercise requires three sets. The exception is pull-UPS, which take place in one approach to failure. Similar is done deadlifts, but in three sets with a gradual decrease in the number of repetitions.

Tuesday and Friday are reserved for exercises designed to exercise the shoulders and muscles of the hands:

  • of flexion and extension of hands;
  • military press;
  • breeding dumbbells lying down;
  • sungov with the rod;
  • of bending hands with a barbell on the biceps;
  • the bench press barbell narrow grip
  • French press in a standing position.

Wednesday and Saturday in the sports program dedicated to the study of the feet. The list of performed exercises consists of:

  • back extension on hyperextension;
  • Romanian pull;
  • lunges with weights;
  • extension of the legs on the simulator;
  • exits feet on the socks;
  • thrust in the slope.

Training for hyperextension or Roman chair, requires at least five approaches. When working with a barbell or dumbbells it is recommended to use a weight with which you will be able to perform 10-12 repetitions per set.

The increased level of complexity

The training program enhanced the level involves three sessions per week. This system is based on the alternating list training routines two times per month according to the following scheme:

  • 1st and 3rd week: back, chest and legs;
  • 2nd and 4th week: shoulders, arms and back.

Thus, the training program changed once a week, and strength exercises are performed at intervals of 48 hours.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the first week are allocated for study of the feet, chest and spinal muscles. The workout consists of:

  • pullover;
  • lunges with weights;
  • exits feet on the socks;
  • of incline press, and flat bench;
  • deadlift;
  • pull-UPS on the bar wide grip.

The next seven days is training of arms, back and shoulder Department. Classes are held Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and consist of:

  • of bending hands with a barbell on the biceps;
  • leg lifts in a horizontal position, holding hands on the crossbar;
  • the French press in the sitting position;
  • of flexion and extension of hands;
  • press weights for the triceps narrow grip;
  • breeding dumbbells on a bench with a horizontal surface;
  • military press;
  • sungov with the rod;
  • Romanian thrust.

Before any exercises are given for three approaches. The exception is the AB workout, for the load which requires at least five sets. The number of repetitions varies depending on your own physical fitness.

Training to increase muscle mass

Training program for advanced designed for people with a high level of physical fitness. Strength exercises performed three days a week morning and evening on different muscle groups. The first half of the day is spent on pumping of the dorsal and pectoral muscles, and the evening to work through the feet. The other days I train shoulders and arms. Sunday passes without exercise – the day the body recovers after an intense strength exercises. Mandatory rest period needed to avoid overtraining. Even with supplementation, including protein, the body is under large power loads, so inexperienced athletes described the complex will not fit.


Arnold Schwarzenegger preferred to train in the morning because at this time the body is filled with energy and have not yet tired of daily routine. The same principle is followed by many athletes. Famous bodybuilder and actor has decided to engage exclusively in the morning after a few workouts with his friend Frank Colombo. When visiting the gym, athletes noticed that many teachers, lawyers, accountants and other people finish training by 7: 00 to 8: 00 to be at work. Schwarzenegger also noted that this approach is most effective, because it requires a lot of effort.

Arnold does not deny the effectiveness of formal training. Bodybuilder considers that, if the person is able to exert on their muscles in the second half of the day, the same load that morning, the lesson will be no less effective.

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