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Training program for mass

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Training program for mass

Training program for mass, should be composed of proven exercises with proven efficacy. Otherwise it will be difficult to achieve rapid progress. What exercises are best for building muscle?

The increase in total body mass

When weight not do without deadlift and squats. Mnogocwetnye these exercises work the whole muscle layers – the whole body gets a good workout. Deadlifts not only gives a boost to the muscle growth but also helps develop strength and endurance. If you want to gain weight, deadlift performed in mnogopotochnoy mode (6 sets of 12 reps).

Training program to gain muscle mass should always include squats. This is a basic exercise, which determines the beauty and strength of the legs of a bodybuilder. Squats well pumped muscles of the lower body, and because it is a significant part of the total muscle mass of the person. But squats and train many other muscles. Dropping into the squat, the athlete must maintain balance and to keep the load on his shoulders. Here the work included not only feet, but your back muscles, chest, Delta, etc.

If you are a fan of HLS only started bodybuilding, his training for muscle gain should be based on three exercises: squats, deadlifts, bench press. At this stage, the remaining exercises can be seen as complementary to this basic trio.

The development of the thoracic and shoulder muscles

Pumping the chest and triceps with bench press, you need not forget about Ganesh. They, unlike the rod will not carry the load on the pectoral muscles on the front beams of the deltas.

The muscles of the chest and triceps pumped at the bars. To build up mass, push-UPS repeat 10-12 times. To complicate the task, you can optionally use the weights. The emphasis on the chest shifting, placing beams widely and tilting the body forward. If you need to work out the triceps, the bars I, and the body kept upright.

Best exercise to increase bicep – lifting barbells standing. The curved neck gives the opportunity to relieve forearm and wrist, but excludes from the inner (short) biceps beam. Therefore, the benefit should be for a classic barbell with a straight neck.

Legs workout

Calf muscles, performing a lifting on socks standing up. This position gives the best effect – UPS sitting in the slope is not as effective. For the development of calf fit different variations of the lifts: in the simulator, with a barbell on the back, on the toes of one foot with a dumbbell in hand.

Pumping buttocks and hamstrings of the thighs used the Romanian deadlift. Raise the barbell from mid-Shin with straight legs. Exercise allows you to concentrate on the biceps and gluteal muscles.

To squats have stronger loading quads, it is recommended to move the weights from the shoulders to the chest. Front squats strengthen the impact on the quadriceps by 25%, taking some of the load from the buttocks and hamstrings of the thighs.

Basic exercises: how

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