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Training program for girls: the basics of classes and helpful tips

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Healthy lifestyle today plays a crucial role. Proper nutrition along with physical activity at the top of popularity. So it looks like the program for the gym for girls?

The effectiveness of training depends on:

  • genetic characteristics;
  • tasks;
  • training;
  • investing effort;
  • balanced diet;
  • the qualifications of the coach.

But, the main factors to build a sports body is competent training program for girls in the gym. What should be the physical activity of forming a beautiful and inflated figure without harm to health?

Physiological characteristics

When planning the training program, girls need to consider your own physiological features. Women differ from men not only power quality, so any training needs to take into account:

  • Testosterone. With fear to the pump and be masculine faced by many girls. But this risk is extremely unlikely, even with intensive training, because the female body is virtually absent male hormone. For this reason, the fairer sex is easier to gain relief than bulk muscles.
  • Muscles. The number of myofibrils responsible for contraction and stretching in muscle tissues of women are much lower than men. Therefore, during strength exercises the girls muscle mass increases much more slowly. Also the fairer sex is different and the amount of muscle in different parts of the body. Unlike men, in women the muscle fibers in the legs and buttocks swinging faster, which is why lower body is easier to study.
  • Metabolism. In women, the metabolism is slower than men. This applies in particular to carbohydrate reactions. So, if she consumes more carbohydrates than it needs, they turn into body fat. The right carbohydrates, on the contrary, form glycogen and muscle tissue. This feature contributes to the formation of beautiful and expressive muscles. Therefore, despite the slow recruitment of muscle mass, strength training will bring the girls more than men.
  • The basics of classes and how to plan program
    Before exercise is made right system.

    Girls should be guided by five basic principles.


    Visiting the gym, the girls are guided by 3 objectives:

    • eliminate the extra weight and pumping sports of the body;
    • muscle growth and body shaping;
    • support body in shape.

    In some cases women are actively engaged in fitness centres to prepare to participate in contests bikini or professional bodybuilding competitions.

    The program

    The training program depends on your goals:

    • Removing extra weight involves performing fat-burning exercises, in addition to develop the muscles. The training program includes cardio, circular training, intense weight training. The lesson requires at least 3 approaches of 15-20 reps. Rest between sets is less than 1 minute. When training with weights use light weight.
    • The growth of muscles involves exercises aimed at increasing muscle mass. The basis of the training is to increase working weights and fewer repetitions. Rest between sets is extended to 2 minutes, and cardio is minimized.

    Training program for girls is based on two principles:

    • The load of the entire body. For 1 hour to perform the exercises for development of all muscle groups, including upper and lower division. Many professional trainers believe that the described system is most effective to keep in shape. It allows you to pump the whole body and suitable for people with busy work schedules who can’t devote a lot of time training.
    • Split program. The system provides for pumping a certain muscle group in one workout. For example, the first day loaded legs and buttocks, second hands, shoulders and chest, the third is the back and press.

    Circuit training

    To achieve the desired result, consider the system of visiting the gym and model of training.

    • The best option – a three-day week program with a break of 48 hours between sessions. But to obtain the effect of the number of workouts should be at least 2 times a week.
    • The time required for recovery of muscle fibres is at least 1 day.
    • The duration of high-quality strength training should not exceed 1 hours including cardio and stretching.

    Proper technique and basic exercises

    Two main points that must be considered in any training:

    • compliance with technology;
    • performing basic exercises.

    To follow rules you must adhere to the following guidelines:

    • do not use too large weight;
    • to practice the technique exercises under the supervision of a trainer and at home;
    • you to view instructional videos (the minimum number of correct repetitions will be more effective than a large number of the wrong);
    • to train at a slow pace in front of the mirror.

    For proper construction and formation of muscles be sure to run the database with a barbell and dumbbells. Further study of muscle tissue includes isolating exercises at the gym.


    To record achievements and monitor progress, it is recommended to conduct a training diary in Notepad. Today it can be used in electronic format in the form of an app on a smartphone.

    Training program for girls is made in two ways:

  • Yourself with your own knowledge, familiar athletes and coaches, or by using the video tutorials professional athletes on the Internet. But in this case, you must be aware of the peculiarities of his own Constitution.
  • Under the guidance of a coach. It is better to hire the services of a professional, because experiments can not only not bring the desired result but also to harm. In addition, the fitness instructor will monitor progress and modify training program to improve the efficiency.
  • Proper nutrition

    To achieve the desired effect, it is impossible, without adhering to a balanced diet. For weight loss you should reduce the amount of calories consumed, but do not resort to starvation. Proper nutrition:

    • eliminates sweet, fast carbohydrate foods (cakes, bread, etc.)
    • involves the consumption of slow carbs and fiber (bran, cereals, leafy vegetables).

    It is recommended to divide the daily number of meals to 5-6 times. The described methodology is also applied to set of lean muscle mass. To obtain the necessary calories, you should use only healthy foods, and also to follow the correct ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


    Finally some tips:

    • lessons should be systematic and without gaps;
    • before exercise be sure to warm-up is carried out;
    • basic exercises and proper technique is the basis of musculature;
    • 100% effect from training is only possible with proper nutrition.

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