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Training on the horizontal bar to increase muscle mass

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Training many professionals and beginners choose the horizontal bar or uneven bars. To explain this fact is their availability, because the shells are in the yards, gyms. The bar, together with bars gives you the opportunity to work the muscles of the back, chest, make use of biceps and triceps.

What exercises are included in the program on the bar

The training program on the bar involves daily work. Performing exercises on the plan, the result will not keep itself waiting. After a month there will be a noticeable change in the appearance of the body and muscle features become more noticeable, excess weight will go away. Another important element in training for a weight – power mode. The athlete will fail to gain the desired shape only through exercises.

Sports fields train young people who use the bar just to catch up, and parallel bars for push-UPS. Regularly doing two or three of the same exercises, muscle layer will develop disproportionately. Change the grip, thereby increasing the difficulty of the exercise or utilizing other muscles. In the case when training with the help of the horizontal bar and parallel bars is Central training program will be useful to know more information about the types of exercises:

  • Popular is the straight grip, in this position, the palms are directed from himself.
  • Opposite to the first – reverse grip, your palms are on the bar towards the athlete.
  • Sometimes use a mixed grip when applied to the first and second option.
  • It is also customary to distinguish between narrow, medium, wide grip. The first case includes the location of the hand as close as possible to each other, and the second at the level of the shoulders, and the last position is the distance of the hands from 50 to 80 centimeters.
  • To catch up with the boards can be parallel grip. You’ll be this exercise that the palms are directed to the athlete.

Each type of grip used for individual muscle groups. If the goal is to pump up and tighten the muscles of the back, then you should use a wide grip. If there is more emphasis on training muscles in the arms and chest, use a narrow or medium grip. Increasing the complexity of the training on the equipment, the transition from the narrow rungs on the fat.

Those who are just starting to train, first class is better to take experienced colleagues. Athletes will show how the warm-up, stretching, teach the proper technique of exercises that will help to avoid injuries. At the beginning of execution of the training set on the horizontal bar and parallel bars need to write a lesson plan. Beginners are recommended to train through the day, combining weights and cardio exercises. This will help to protect the body from overload.

The training program on the parallel bars and horizontal bar

Exercises in the composition of the complex to ground using the horizontal bar depend on the goals of the athlete. The increase in relief of the muscles is possible, if you combine the training with parallel bars and a bench press. Working weight it is recommended to increase to the extent that, as the muscles used to the workload. Visible results will require use of own weight, as well as additional features such as wheel weights. Frequent workouts can lead to injury, because the body no time to recover.

To the classes benefited, combine exercise with rest, alternating two by two.

Your goal is to gain mass with a horizontal bar and parallel bars. Take note of the following set of exercises, consisting of two days. On the first day of workouts give attention to push UPS:

  • Pushups medium grip on the bars.
  • To pump the abdominal muscles can climbs straight leg raises using the bar. Also this exercise will help to tighten obliques, if you change the angle of flexion of the pelvis.
  • Pushups with balance hand medium grip from the floor or from the bench.
  • Pushups on the bar with a low crossbar or horizontal.
  • Push-UPS face first, then back to the bar.
  • Push-UPS, alternating wide and narrow formulation of the hands, the legs are located above the trunk.

On the second day, take time pull-UPS. This will involve the back muscles, deltas, triceps and biceps:

  • Pull-UPS wide and narrow grip on the bars.
  • UPS leg raises reverse and parallel grip. In addition to the muscle groups set out above, the exercise uses the abdominal muscles, shoulders, forearms.
  • Pullups on the bar or the bar with different grip positions. This will enhance the training effect and lead to the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle.

Change the training program, focusing on the result. Start with two days of training and one day of rest each week, evaluate the results in a month. If the expected goal is not achieved, change the mode to diagram: four days of classes, two days of rest. Listen to body and adjust the workout on the parallel bars and the horizontal bar for themselves.

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