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Training on mass for bodybuilders

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Principles of training aimed at muscle mass for beginners and experienced athletes, a little bit different. In order to workout for bodybuilding brings more effect, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules.

In the late twentieth century bodybuilding (bodybuilding) began to gain popularity in all countries of the world. Today everyone is familiar with this concept. Bodybuilding is the process of building an athletic and muscular body accessible to all people. The most important stage in building body bodybuilder – muscle building. When you have sufficient muscle athletes begin to work on the beauty of the body, relief.

The basic principles of training

The first rule in bodybuilding to build mass is a frequent meals (five to six times a day), and the use of protein in the amount of two to three grams per kilogram of body weight. To improve the productivity of the athletes use protein and creatine. The first helps to get adequate amounts of protein per day, and the second is responsible for increasing productivity, because it increases energy and promotes muscle growth. Also, half an hour after heavy training, it is recommended to eat, preferably protein foods. Don’t forget about saturated fats that should be present in the diet bodybuilder on weight.

The second important principle of training bodybuilders rest between sessions. A week is recommended to do a three-day weekend from school days. Also, it is important to observe a full sleep (in the day the athlete must sleep at least eight hours).

What is the time for training is better is debatable. The answer is that this is purely individually. Many stars of bodybuilding (e.g., Schwarzenegger) preferred morning training, because the body still full of energy. However, if a person is full of energy and at the end of the day, the evening will not affect the workout.

The training program

The best exercise program in the gym is an individualized scheme of the classes, because one exercise everyone has a different reaction to muscle tissue.

The principles of the training program

To ensure that the program for training to ground to produce the desired results, is to experiment with weights. The basic principle is to take a weight with which you will do ten repetitions.

In addition to the weight of weighting can change the number of repetitions. In General, any programme for bullies aimed at building mass consists of exercises with a small number of repetitions. However, prolonged use of such approach makes the body addictive to the loads. That is why it is recommended to periodically (every few months) to change a classic strength training on the weight to mnogopoliarnym training.

The best workout for mass are those during which the athlete works to failure. The result will be visible only if the upload to the max in the classroom. However, it is important to understand that this rule is true for advanced athletes, not beginners.

And, of course, it should be said about the technique exercises. Beginners in the gym should carefully practice the correct technique before you take the big weight. If you do not fulfill this condition, then the risk of injury is very high. In addition to the probability to get damage, wrong technique of doing exercises will not give the desired results. People will protonmedia a few months and leave from the gym because I saw in the mirror that result followed. To avoid this, it is recommended to hire a personal trainer, at least for the first time.

The scheme of training

On the Internet you can find lots of variations of training programs for bodybuilding, on the basis of which you should pick up more comfortable for you. This article describes one of the schemes of lessons, designed to train straight. The most effective method of training for mass, is the division of training days on individual muscle groups, i.e., study each group separately.

First day of training, it is recommended to do it on Monday, if you rested at the weekend because the body renewed and full of energy. Better to start with pumping muscles of the back and legs. Effective exercises the bench press bar in the supine position, the pull rods to the thigh in the standing position, pull-UPS, pull blocks in the simulator to his chest and belt. Exercises to perform better at four-eight approaches with a quantity of twelve times.

On the second day of training working the muscles in your lower body. Often athletes changing the first and second days, depending on what day they are given heavier.

First practice in a week should be the heaviest.

For pumping of the muscles of the legs and butt perform squats with a barbell, a squat in Hakka or Smith flexion and leg extension in the simulator and calf muscles – lifting on socks with weighting (in the simulator).

On the third day, it is better to pay attention to the pumping muscles of the shoulders and arms. To do this, perform the wiring with dumbbells, military press from a standing position, flexion-extension dumbbell reverse bench press and bench press barbell narrow grip on the horizontal bar. Also this day is not excessive and the work on the abdominal muscles. To do this, perform sit-UPS on a bench, crunches and leg lifts on the monkey bars.

The number of approaches each day the same – from four to eight. As for the number of times, it depends on the weight of weighting, however, should not be less than eight repetitions. It is also important to remember that every training day should begin with a warm up, this can be light cardio or mnogopotochnoy training with small weights to warm up the muscles. The end of the training should be accompanied by stretching of the worked muscles.

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