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Training methods Flex: benefits and exercises

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Training methods Flex: benefits and exercises
The contents

  • Flex — what is it?
  • To be useful, a set of exercises
  • Benefits Flex exercises
  • How to organize fitness classes
  • Effective exercises with osteochondrosis and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

In our time, to maintain health is not so simple. A lot of work, stress, inadequate rest, poor nutrition — all this leads to disability, poor muscle tone, emotional burnout. To neutralize the negative effects through regular exercise. Start training on the system of Flex and will get the opportunity to bring their body and mind in perfect condition with the help of simple exercises.

Flex — what is it?

Who are keen on fitness, he knows what Pilates. This exercise without weights, body mobility, flexibility and ability to perform various, even the most complex movements. It is no coincidence that the fitness trend originally used for rehabilitation of athletes and dancers. Now, the Flex is an advanced form of Pilates, which includes exercises from callanetics, yoga, stretching and other fitness.

The main feature of Flex is that all of its items are aimed at stretching the muscles and improving the flexibility of joints. Many effective exercises this technique can be used for relaxation and recovery after heavy physical exertion.

Other features of this type of fitness include the ability to:

  • lose weight without dieting and rigid dietary restrictions;
  • to make the body flexible and easy;
  • improve posture and coordination of movements;
  • to remove the psychological tension.

Noted that the first results in a Flex manifest themselves at 2-3 week training. In addition, for the organization of training no restrictions. This bar is available at any age and in any physical condition.

To be useful, a set of exercises

The deficit of motion always leads to negative consequences. Among them:

  • the deposition of salts in the joints;
  • the blood circulation;
  • a lack of hemoglobin in the blood;
  • lower back pain;
  • emotional overload;
  • headaches;
  • osteochondrosis of the spine;
  • oxygen starvation of the brain and much more.

So Flex will be useful for those who work in the office, suffering from diseases caused by lack of exercise, is overweight. This kind of fitness and novice athletes: exercises for flexibility and stretching help to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, heart, lungs, help to normalize metabolism and to prepare the muscles to high loads.

Benefits Flex exercises

Fitness workout system Flex allow you to harmoniously develop the body. All exercises are performed at a slow pace, without sudden movements. This rhythm is most appropriate, if you want to remove stress from muscles to muscles lactic acid, to relax, to get rid of negative psychic energy.

The result of a variety of Flex, the body becomes mobile and the muscles supple and strong. Posture becomes an aristocratic form, the figure becomes more attractive.

Slow stretching of musculature and joints is beneficial to the function of internal organs and the circulatory system. Like Pilates, Flex normalizes breathing, brings order to the gastrointestinal system and other abdominal organs. Accordingly, it becomes more intense metabolism and stronger immune system. The human body begins to actively resist adverse environmental factors and successfully deals with stress.

Beginners often ask the question, what is Flex. What are its characteristics? These questions can be answered as follows: the Flex is a set of exercises performed at a slow pace, accompanied by breathing exercises. Smooth movement bring the body in tone, but a deep breath allows you to relax that stimulates positive emotions.

Overall, the Flex is health and good mood.

As a result of the training:

  • improves the function of the cardiovascular system;
  • accelerating the metabolism;
  • blood pressure normalizes;
  • reduced risk of injury;
  • normalizes sleep;
  • there is courage;
  • the joints will become more mobile.

And most importantly — can these results be achieved without enhanced physical activity, which is often contraindicated in some diseases.

How to organize fitness classes

Flex can be used as the perfect complement to other types of fitness, and as an independent exercise. Learn effective exercises can be anyone, as they are all simple and straightforward. For classes only need comfortable sportswear and shoes.

The training duration and number of training days per week choose depending on the goals that are set before the athlete. If the task is a General recovery of the body, enough to do 2-3 times a week for 40-60 minutes.

For those who want to lose weight, you must train often. About 4-5 times a week. Some fans of the Flex is recommended to do it 2 times a day to speed up the process of fat burning. In any case, you need to listen to the reaction of the organism to training. If any exercise causes pain or discomfort, you need to replace it or to perform other complex in the most sparing mode.

Effective exercises with osteochondrosis and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

With a set of exercises according to the method of the Flex, you can get rid of many diseases. For example, osteochondrosis perform the following movements:

  • while in the prone position, lift up the hands and feet. This position is fixed at 20 seconds, and then the limb falls to the floor;
  • lying on your back, lift up legs, placing them at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the body. Remain in static position for 20 seconds;
  • sitting on the floor with straight legs, lift the pelvis, resting his palms on the floor. Fix the position for 20 seconds and return to starting position.

Effective exercises for stimulating the gastro-intestinal tract.

  • lying on back with bent in knees legs need to bend without lifting the feet from the floor and shoulders;
  • while in the supine position with the legs extended (arms along the body), at the same time raise the head and legs.

This list of exercises performed 5-7 times. The slow pace of fitness will help to strengthen muscles, teach patience and calm.

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