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Training for girls: goals, weight loss program, tips

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Every girl wants to always stay slim and . Well-chosen exercises for women at the gym can work wonders and transform the body. A couple of months motivated the ladies manage to tighten the muscles, including glutes, and burn fat!

Accomplishments and nuances of training

Coming to the gym, we pursue certain motives. The training program depends on them. These can include:

  • Getting rid of excess pounds to improve overall health.
  • Muscle growth in specific body parts.
  • Tightening of the figure before the onset of the summer season.
  • Keeping yourself in good physical shape.
  • Preparing for upcoming competitions.

Classes for girls who want to lose weight

Female training different level of loading in comparison with men. But to get rid of the hated kilograms both sexes have to work hard! Concessions will not be anyone!

It should also be noted that the selection of exercises for newcomers and seasoned athletes different.

Exercise program must be individualized.

Any fitness program has an initial period from 2 to 4 weeks. In addition, to achieve these objectives it is necessary to go to the gym 3-4 p. per week.

Women suitable, for example, that such training program.

Day 1st

  • Half an hour cardio exercise with the number of intervals is two or three.
  • Push-UPS on benches (3 сетах15 R.).
  • Deal with dumbbells in supine position (raise hands under a 30-degree angle).
  • Bringing the hands in the crossover (3 сетах15 R.).
  • Bendable hands with a small shells (3 сетах30 R.).
  • Press using light dumbbells (3 сетах30 R.).
  • HIIT on the muscles of the abdomen (choice of any 2 or 3 who can do without stopping). A short rest and start another circle, then a third.
  • Day 2nd

  • Half an hour of interval cardio.
  • Squats with barbells, bench press the lower extremities, squat to GAKK-car (3 сетах20 R.).
  • The leg extension in the simulator (3 сетах25 R.).
  • Flexion of the lower extremities with the help of a simulator (3 сетах25 R.).
  • Bred legs on the treadmill (2 сетах30 R.).
  • Bred mild dumbbells at the sides (3 сетах20 R.).
  • 15 min jog or some other cardio.
  • Day 3rd

  • Mezenterialnah half an hour of cardio at a moderate pace.
  • Dead, and Romanian deadlifts (4 сетах20 R. one and the same the other exercises).
  • Hyperextension (3 сетах25 R.).
  • Top pull (the bar starts behind your head, сетах20 4 p.).
  • His arms with shells lying on an inclined bench (3 сетах20 R.).
  • Bendable hands with shells (3 сетах20 R.).
  • HIIT on the press (exactly like in the 1st day).
  • To run the program should be intense with the break between sets 1 min and 1.5 min between exercises.

    If you plan a circular exercise in a gym, pick three exercises and perform them one after the other. For example, in the 1st set, doing 1,2,3, then – a break of 1.5 min. Then again perform the same exercise for 20 p. In the sum should get 4 sets. Don’t forget that circuit training is much better than a classic!

    If you want to lose weight, you not necessarily exercise with a barbell. They usually replace machines. Another thing is strength training, here the bar – your faithful friend!


    In addition to the simulators, for the fair sex, there are several useful ways to work on your body. For example, in practice a good HIIT in combination with other exercises. And you can use the weights. Through exercises with a diverting leg, Jogging, and other cardio you’ll employ the parts needed.

    The drawing to the side and other leg muscles can be done perfectly on the sports Mat. You can even alternate these exercises with some others. Nevertheless, trainers for ladies can be the best option, saving time and allowing to thoroughly pump the desired area.

    Why need a diary?

    With a training diary you can plan lessons. So, you’ll always track your progress! Information can be presented in the form of a table or planned for the holidays (if desired). Importantly, do not forget to write everything down!

    This is especially convenient when you had a break and want to continue to do. And memory there is no hope! A month later you’ll forget the workload and how many tasks.

    If classes are held under the supervision of a trainer, it records your achievements, tracks the dynamics of performance and adjusts the program when necessary. If there is no such person, then you have to do everything myself.

    The alternation of exercise

    If you really are committed to positive results, then offer to replace the exercises from the complex is 1 p. per month fully or partially. The point is that the muscle gets used to the same loads and at some point ceases to respond to them. Of course, if you completely deprive the muscles of the load, it will regress (when you want to type). With a steady training the muscles do not grow, so you need to try something new.

    Overall training program, women can vary so every 14 days to substitute one exercise for another. Today you did the leg press, and in the next.times do lunges with weights in hands. Remember, muscles need variety!

    So whether you need women dumbbells with a barbell?

    In the body of the fair sex testosterone (necessary for muscle growth) is much smaller than in the male. And so it is necessary lady to carry post, work base, that is to be pumped, as a man?

    You can find girls with muscles developed much more than the man. But this effect is naturally not achieved. And what results are achieved without doping? A beautiful relief, a small increase in volumes, increased strength and endurance!

    And to achieve all this help dumbbells along with a barbell. By using basic and additional exercises you’ll feel much stronger and fitter! And the splitting of the fat layers and tightening the muscle in parallel to give a gorgeous figure!

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