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Training for flexibility: types and basic exercises

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Training for flexibility: types and basic exercises
The contents

  • Types of fitness stretch and the factors influencing the effectiveness of training
  • Universal complex of exercises to improve the flexibility of the body
  • Practical recommendations for conducting fitness workouts

Flexibility is the ability of a person to perform different movements with large amplitude. A person with a good stretching easier as an everyday motor activity, and special exercises. Increase flexibility at any age, if you regularly do the stretching. The main thing in this process — perseverance and dedication.

Types of fitness stretch and the factors influencing the effectiveness of training

Fitness training aimed at increasing flexibility, according to the method of exposure are of two types:

  • Active. During such training employees independently performs training movements with large amplitude.
  • Passive. In this case, the stretching occurs under the influence of external forces.
  • Very often stretching klassificeret to such subspecies:

    • dynamic.

    Increased flexibility in the gym with a banner of this type is due to the intense motor activity;

    • static.

    This stretch is characterized by the fact that the muscle and connective tissue are stretched under the influence of a particular static load;

    • common.

    During such fitness workouts, the work is performed, which increases the mobility of all joints;

    • special.

    This type of stretching involves increasing the elasticity of certain muscle groups.

    The performance of fitness depends on many factors, including the following:

    • genetics.

    People whose parents had a rather flexible body, usually inherit this feature;

    • nuances of the anatomical structure.

    Some people from birth have more movable joints and elastic ligaments than others;

    • age.

    The sooner you begin the work to increase flexibility, the more effective the result. Such a pattern stems from the fact that with age, joints wear out, and their mobility is reduced;

    • Paul.

    The female body responds better to exercise with a specific load, the resilience than men;

    • type of body Constitution.

    People with asthenic body type is less plastic than normostenik and hypersthenic;

    • the time of the fitness training.

    In the morning the natural mobility of the body are reduced due to a long stay in a sedentary state during sleep. In the evening the joints and muscles of the body sufficiently warmed through everyday physical activity of the person, therefore doing exercise is easier, and the whole work becomes more productive;

    • regularity loads.

    In the process of increasing flexibility, the main thing — the regularity of the work, not the intensity. It is better to train daily, but a little, than from case to case, the maximum loading of the muscles, ligaments and joints;

    • the quality of the workout, held before the main exercises.

    The elasticity of the poorly warmed up muscle and connective tissue, and joint mobility with a small amount of synovial fluid is minimal. So be sure to thoroughly warm up before a fitness workout. In addition, workout helps to achieve not only greater efficiency, but also minimizes the risk of injury.

    Universal complex of exercises to improve the flexibility of the body

    Fitness classes to improve flexibility can include items such as sports fields:

    • sports and artistic gymnastics. At the heart of these sports, there is a complex increasing the flexibility of the body;
    • acrobatics — free and paintings. Data sports programs focus not only on stretching but also make it possible to strengthen the muscles;
    • yoga provides a comprehensive load on the body, as well as developing a sense of balance and coordination;
    • stretching, in which the emphasis is on stretching.

    In fitness classes stretching can include elements taken from all the above areas. Beginners as base load can use the following training complex, optionally adding a new, more complex movements:

  • To stand face to the wall to step away, to rest in her palms and set aside one lower limb back without lifting the heel from the floor. At this point should have the feeling of stretching the gastrocnemius muscle. Pausing in this position for 2-5 seconds, put the lower limb and repeat the exercise with the other leg.
  • Standing straight, make a wide step forward and descend into a deep squat, bending the supporting leg and leaving the straight newporno lower limb. In this squat you need to be so long until the feeling of stretching in the thigh and groin starts to cause discomfort. Slowly rising from the squat, repeat all step by step forward with the other foot.
  • Apart foot width of the pelvis, as low as possible lean forward, keeping your back straight. In this exercise you have to try to put the hands on the floor or at least get his fingers to the socks.
  • Stand up straight, bend one lower limb back and grab the ankle. Gently pushing down on the foot, hold the heel to the buttocks. Feeling the stretching of the quadriceps, pause a few seconds and lower the leg. Repeat the exercise, bending the other lower limb.
  • Standing straight, to set aside one lower limb to the side and transfer body weight. To descend into a low squat, without bending newporno leg. Well stretching the internal part of one thigh, shift weight to the other leg and repeat the exercise.
  • Practical recommendations for conducting fitness workouts

    Performing stretching exercises will be the most effective and safe if applied in practice, the following useful recommendations:

    • it is necessary to warm up. The warm up should consist of light cardio and take at least 7 minutes;
    • it is important to observe the sequence of development of parts of the body, starting from the top of the case and ending with the lower limbs;
    • you must train regularly. Schedule of classes depends on their intensity. The optimal number of training 3-4 times a week;
    • a basic package should be supplemented with other exercises to avoid adaptation of the body to stress.

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