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Training and Nutrition Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez's butt can be considered as a separate star of the 2000s. More than once according to the polls, she became the most ideal booty in the world, and was also insured by her owner for many millions of dollars. Unlike other prominent buttocks of Kim Kardashian, Lopez buttocks are completely natural and remain in great shape at the age of 50. Let's find out how Jennifer Lopez made her ass perfect and has been supporting her for so many years.

Singer's lifestyle

Jennifer Lopez does not go on diets because she needs a lot of strength for intense training. But at the same time, her diet is quite healthy: the singer’s diet contains a lot of protein, vegetables and complex carbohydrates, such as brown rice or sweet potato. She does not smoke or drink more than one glass of champagne a year on her birthday, and she also taught her children to eat healthy.

Coaches Lopez say that she is incredibly disciplined – the singer almost never misses training, and if you have to do this because of a concert or tour, then she intensively works it out. Jennifer does it 3-4 times a week in the morning, while the body has a lot of energy. Here are 4 of her favorite exercises:

Dumbbell Lunges

Stand straight, pick up dumbbells. Take a wide step forward and slowly lower yourself to the leg so that the knee in front is at a right angle, and the dumbbells touch the floor on either side of the body. The back leg should also be at right angles. Get up and lunge with the second leg.

Jennifer Lopez

Sumo Wrestler Exercise

Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Raise your left knee and make a circular motion. Put your foot back and immediately swing it with your foot to the side. Then sit down, as sumoists do, and then jump out of the squat and repeat the same thing with your right foot.

Squats on a chair

Not everything is as simple as the title of this exercise sounds. Take a chair and slowly sit on it, but as soon as a couple of centimeters remain between the buttocks and the surface, immediately go back.

Jennifer Lopez

Platypus step

Standing, spread your legs wider and knees in different directions. Bend your legs by about 20-30%, throw your hands behind your head and try to walk in this way. You can turn the body to the sides and squat a little at each step. For this exercise, you do not need much space – taking 4-5 steps forward, you can go backwards.


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