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Train Siluanov: features and advantages

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Sports can bring both benefit and harm. To get the desired result safely for health, we propose to use a methodology based on the physiological features of the body structure.

As you know, the advice on the Internet can give both professionals and very green Amateurs who have reached their first results and in the euphoria of the incident. Follow the proper recommendations is fraught the symptoms of overtraining, injuries, a significant delay in achievement of goals. To distinguish professionals from expressive beginners easy. Just look what the man in front of you.

Today we present to your attention the achievements Seluyanova Victor Nikolaevich, Professor, head of scientific laboratory “it in sports” at the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute. The availability of specialized education, a deep dive into the subject and a purely scientific approach to the study allowed the author to develop a method of training that takes into account the peculiarities of the physiological structure of the human body.

What is the meaning of methodology?
Few know the level of your basal metabolism, or to treat themselves to the ecto-, meso – or endomorphs. You need to consider a number of other parameters characterizing the state of the body and its separate parts.

For example, methods of training Seluyanova involves changing the nature of the loads for the patients with atherosclerosis. While for healthy people with clean blood vessels intensive training will only benefit people with atherosclerotic plaques work with shells large weight threatens the separation of platelets as a result of high blood pressure. Detached plaque can cause blockage of important blood vessels and the development of serious health consequences or death.

Take into account the age, General fitness level, health status, and the goals and objectives set before a young athlete. To use the technique and those who have long been involved in sports and wants to improve their performance.

How to plan strength training for Seluanov?

How to perform the exercises with more weight and not get injured? You should understand and take into account the structure and operation of all parts of the musculoskeletal system to monitor not only the muscle sense, but for the correct location of body parts in space. It would seem, just. But unfortunately, injuries happen in the gym almost daily, and like experienced bodybuilders retire for the recovery weeks.

To get the maximum effect, it is necessary during training to achieve maximum tension and fully engage the muscles to work. This can be done in three ways:

  • increase the intensity: the maximum number of iterations in this case 3, in the first place is neuromuscular control perform the technique;
  • the multiple sets with an average intensity of the load: the number of repeats to 12 at one time, the weight is chosen in such a way as to perform the movement to the limit;
  • by increasing the number of repetitions at low intensity load to 25, for approach when the number of sets 3-5.

The distribution of the load on training days

The author recommends to train 4 times a week. Thus, during each training session, it is recommended to examine in detail one of the parts of the body. Adequate load distribution allows you to launch muscle mass growth, and gradually develop stamina. The method Seluyanov is an excellent prevention of a state of overtraining, as between training the same muscle groups of the body are provided enough time to recover.

A sample training plan may look like the following:

  • first day: load your upper back (trapezius and Delta ISCI), the rest of the muscle groups trained with a minimum intensity;
  • second day: working on abs and muscles-extensors of the upper extremities;
  • take a break for 1-2 days;
  • third day: exercising muscles-extensors of the legs and the flexors of the hands, the rest of the body load is minimal;
  • fourth day: a deep study of the flexors of the feet;
  • make a break for 1-2 days and start again.

Victor Nikolaevich] has published several guides for those who want to train safely. Also, the network can find a video with his participation. This will help you to delve deeper into the subject.

Basic principles of interval training

The author recommends the following simple rules:

  • not forcing to achieve a significant increase in endurance, speed, muscle mass and strength simultaneously is impossible, only gradual and continuous progress;
  • the load should be comparable with the physiological properties (e.g., increase stroke volume of the heart is possible only from 18 years earlier only to harm the heart muscle);
  • first physiology, then results: to withstand quite a large load lifter can only be the case if the body’s balance of oxygen consumption of skeletal muscles and myocardium;
  • to rebuild the body needs on a definite plan: first, strengthening muscles, and then fat loss, and only then increase the stroke volume of the heart.

For each stage of training is recommended not only your exercises, but also some ways of load distribution during the class. So, to increase stroke volume by almost half help of static exercises that are performed on the heart rate of 100-120 beats per minute. In this case, through the heart flows a large amount of blood, but the heart muscle is not overloaded.

The method of Professor Seluanov does not deny the use of anabolic steroids, gainers or amino acid solutions. However, the author encourages athletes not to rely only on “chemistry”. All should be used wisely, as when taking the same steroids on the background of protein deficiency may develop muscular dystrophy.

You should not dwell on only one type of loads. The greatest effect allows to reach the active saturation in all body cells mitochondria. This can only be done in the case of regular and varied training. Not the last role in this process “shocks,” in which there may be competition at any level.

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