Sun. Jul 25th, 2021

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Trailer Generation Iron 3 with the translation

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Team Iron Generation in the third part of the documentary film “Generation Iron 3” will show athletes from India, Ghana, Germany, Canada, France, Uzbekistan, China, Australia, Brazil, Iran and of course the United States. All of the involved bodybuilders not disclosed, but the film will be shown not only promoted Pro-bodybuilders, but also new faces in this sport. It and Canadians Chris Bumstead (Bumstead Chris) and Regan Grimes (Regan Grimes), Varinder Guman Singh (Varinder Singh Ghuman) from India, Tim Budesheim (Tim Budesheim) from Germany, the Brazilian Rafael brandão (Rafael Brandao) and Iranian Hadi Chupan (Hadi Choopan).

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