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Tour pull over the head top unit

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Lovely, beautiful, exercise, fascinating for many inexperienced athletes who have recently been in the room that can turn a man into a real Apollo. The question arises – to whom, when and how to perform the thrust behind the head of the upper block? In our article you can find the answers to all your questions and more. Go!

In our time the thrust of the head going through a period of kind of “opals”, are full of negative reviews and opinions (e.g., that women are definitely contraindicated exercise). But! It’s all very subjective. The human body, despite the fact that it is similar to the anatomical structure, yet each is very individual. Often the same exercise can bring the opposite results.

No personal trainer is not able to hear the body of the ward as he does himself. This applies to the exercises referred to in article. No matter guy or girl, exercise you might like to come. Or may be actionable in the case of simple changes for themselves. Therefore, we will consider one of the variations of this wonderful exercise for the muscles of your torso.

Pull over the head top of the block. A few common provisions

Beautiful toned back muscles are able to completely transform the shape. Man to add masculinity, and the girl noble posture and beauty. Pull over the head top unit this is perfect. Of course, if to remember about the Golden mean and not to overdo it.

This exercise belongs to the category of classical base, at least, relatively basic, with it marked that it is aimed at appetite and work all the muscles of the back, namely:

  • the broadest muscle of the back;
  • biceps, major and minor pectorals, trapezoid; a large round and diamond-shaped muscle;
  • triceps.

Despite the negative attitude towards exercise, it has a lot of advantages:

  • create athletic torso;
  • the creation of the bump of the back;
  • the narrowing of the waist due to the increase in the shoulders;
  • create smooth noble posture;
  • improving the strength of spinal muscles.

How to perform the exercise, pull the head of the upper block?

So we got to the main point of our article, which you just waited. So, how to do the exercise:

Step one:

  • Simulator set straight bar.
  • Build the height of the lifting rollers, after putting legs under them.
  • Sitting on the simulator, move the body slightly forward.
  • Hands grab the neck over the seat bottoms. Grip from the top. Hands are placed wider than shoulder width.
  • Press tense throughout the exercise.

The initial position taken.

Step two:

  • While exhaling, start to pull the neck over your head.
  • Engage for a few seconds at the bottom point of the exercise (at the neck). It is important at this point as much as possible to squeeze the shoulder blades together.
  • During inhalation gradually return to its original position.

Variety of exercises

Of the classics we’ve already told you, but it would not hurt to know what’s on the simulator, you can perform at least effective variations to help better to pump the muscles of the torso. So, some of the varieties thrust to the chest:

  • Use a wide grip.
  • With the use of a narrow reverse grip.
  • Triangular handle in the exercise.

They are all aimed at giving your body more muscle definition and attractiveness. Perform a combination of these exercises and after two months you don’t recognize my body.

A little about the nuances

In order to fully study the body and take the maximum benefit from training on the simulator, you should see a list of some features and nuances:

  • The movement should be in the same plane, that is, the elbows go back and down.
  • The neck should not fall below the middle of the neck. Otherwise you can get unwanted injuries and asymmetry of shapes.
  • In the lower peak it is necessary to linger for a few seconds, what maximum bringing the blades to each other.
  • Grif goes down, body and head should automatically be a little lean forward.
  • At the top the peak it is impossible to straighten your elbows. This will keep tension in the muscles of the back and at the same time will reduce the likelihood of injury.
  • Down the vulture must go sharply and abruptly, while the upward movement smoothly and accurately.
  • During exercise you should increment to the simulator, eliminating unnecessary movements and fidgeting.
  • You cannot use more weight, than those with which you are able to calmly deal with. Tears of ligaments nick something.
  • About breathing we wrote. The downward movement on the exhalation, moving up on the inhale.
  • The optimal number of repetitions and approaches for training is equal to 10-15 times in 3 sets.

Trainer traumatic?

Does not exist in our world, things that could hurt us. Of course, the simulator is no exception. But! If you remember a few rules, you can almost completely eliminate the likelihood of injury:

  • The stamp at the bottom is not below the middle of the neck.
  • The grip of the fretboard even if wider than shoulder width very little.

To increase difficulty of exercise, experienced athletes can do one repetition thrust his head and one thrust to the chest alternately.

So today we talked about the desire for the head of the upper block. As you can see, it’s not as scary as we are often told. Each person is different. Do not rush to reject the exercise and try it as an experiment to put into practice. It is possible that it will be a “lifesaver” in achieving their goals.

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