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Top facts in favor of fitness

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Top facts in favor of fitness
The contents

  • Fitness source of pleasure
  • Reducing the risk of developing diabetes
  • Fitness and fight obesity
  • Exercise slows the aging process
  • Fitness exercise have a beneficial effect on sleep quality
  • Fitness improves mood
  • Sport and libido

We often hear the phrase “I love my body the way it is, I still like it, so I don’t need fitness.” And it would seem that there is anything wrong, but deserved if underestimated the role of physical activity? After all, the goal of training is not limited to weight loss. Regular fitness classes will not only help to acquire the desired shape, but also to extend their life, enhance health in General. Sufficient physical activity helps to feel more confident, healthier and happier. And today we’ll talk about the other, but not less important advantages of the fitness training.

Despite the fact that most people in the gym tend to gain muscle mass or burning fat, there are many other physical and psychological benefits of exercise. And if done right fitness activities, taking into account the wishes and possible contraindications, it is possible to achieve quite different purposes. It can be an improvement, increase the plasticity, coordination, strengthening muscles of the spine and the cardiovascular system. Regular exercise helps in strengthening the immune system. While it is important to take into account the value of proper nutrition in achieving goals.

Fitness source of pleasure

The human brain releases dopamine — the hormone responsible for feelings of contentment. To provoke his production as positive factors (goal achievement, sex, happy events, some food) and negative (drugs, alcohol, or junk food). Some people, because of certain circumstances, often become addicted to negative sources.

Regular exercise helps to step back from the thrust to the unfortunate substances, effectively diverting attention from them and replacing the pleasure of the harmful components of pleasure from the sport. Regular exercise contribute to a gradual shift in priorities towards a healthy lifestyle. Of course, have to obtain the motivation, patience and nedyuzhy willpower.

Reducing the risk of developing diabetes

Within one week after the regular fitness exercise insulin sensitivity gradually increases, which in turn helps to reduce blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. In addition, a sufficient level of activity reduces the risk of stroke. Especially considering the fact that it provokes the appearance of high blood pressure and heart failure. And the right fitness classes strengthen the heart and to improve blood flow.

The main rule that must be followed be careful. People sick or having a predisposition to such diseases, it is important before the big step to consult a doctor regarding the amount of load and personal exercise program.

On average, for the prevention of such health problems, doctors recommend at least 30 minutes a day can give a feasible exercise.

Fitness and fight obesity

It would be unfair to keep silent about stroykamen the effect of fitness. Just a month of regular trips to the gym with proper balanced diet will tighten and adjust the figure up to quite noticeable results.

Getting rid of excess weight without physical exercise, and only through strict dieting, can provoke the deterioration of the skin, sagging of muscles etc. With a gym this does not happen, an active workout to make your muscles more toned, attractive pronounced. Besides, no one regretted attending training. The feeling of having done a useful thing for health and beauty, literally inspiring and uplifting.

Exercise slows the aging process

Lovers of healthy fitness longer look young. As soon as the age of a person approaching 50, muscle mass begins to gradually lose its elasticity. In most cases, this is compounded by the decrease in the activity. Muscle is necessary for us not only for beauty and burning calories, but also for strength and balance. They support the spine, pumped the press protects the internal organs from accidental injury.

Fitness exercise have a beneficial effect on sleep quality

Exercise will help to combat the insomnia. The mechanism is quite simple: tired body consumed daily supply of energy, the faster will be able to go into the realm of Morpheus for recovery. It is also proven that regular physical activity helps to improve the quality of sleep, making the transitions between cycles smoother, increasing the time spending in deep sleep.

After fitness workout internal body temperature returns to original level and signals the brain that it’s time to sleep. But don’t exercise just before bedtime. Sleep is necessary not earlier than in 2-3 hours after a workout, otherwise released during the classes endorphins simply will not go to sleep, arousing the nervous system.

Fitness improves mood

Was a stressful day and need an emotional lift? — so have a good work out. Stress is characterized by increased levels of the hormones cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine. Physical activity reduces the situation through enhanced production of serotonin the “happy hormone” that helps to deal with stress. As a positive fitness workout you can choose to run a one-hour walk or a half hour home workout.

Regular classes have a preventive effect, helping to maintain mental balance. In addition, when the body with each workout becomes healthier and more attractive, self-esteem rises — there is less cause for stress. Yes, and struggle with mood disorders is much easier if you are in good physical shape.

Sport and libido

Regular exercise can improve sexual desire, sexual activity and increase the possibility of satisfaction. Physical endurance and muscle tone improve sexual functioning, and exercise a beneficial effect on the sympathetic nervous system, which also increases blood flow to the genital area. Regular exercise can bring new colors to the usual sex life.

We all understand that it is not only the blood circulation. Improving form, added to their owner more confidence in themselves, and therefore looseness in bed. And improving every day, the partner gets more than ever.

Short sets of intense strength exercises increase testosterone levels, stimulating the emergence of desire in men. But it is also worth considering that everything is good in moderation. Exhausting frequent exercise, may reduce the level of this hormone, which can lead to reduced libido.

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