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Top 9 tips on how to lose weight after childbirth

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Even during pregnancy many women are concerned about how to lose weight after childbirth. The process of getting rid of excess weight after pregnancy needs to be sensitive, but at the same time effective.

When in the life of a woman has a newborn child, it becomes a priority. For the sake of the baby Mama had to rebuild their way of life – more time, to find new habits, less sleep. But there are important issues that relate exclusively to moms. One of them is how to lose weight after giving birth without harm to health?

No need to wait six weeks

Disseminated information about that intensive postpartum recovery lasts six weeks. This means that in this period it is impossible to hold an overly strenuous workout, but not a complete ban on physical activity aimed at weight loss. You should listen to your own body and provide it with the loads that it can handle. Women who start to do light exercises, for faster and better adapt to new changes in life.

Movement and walking

Even if you are very tired, you still need to keep moving. After a natural birth after a few days the woman can leave with a child on the street. Daily walks not only help to get back in shape, but will allow you to escape from everyday routine, to spend time. There are limitations on physical activity associated with caesarean section, they are determined by the physician, as a rule, the bans don’t last more than four weeks.

Exercises for belly

Asking the question, how to lose weight quickly after giving birth, most women think it is about the stomach. The situation is complicated by postpartum diastasis, this separation of the muscles in the abdomen, recovery takes at least one to two months. Exercises after stomach that you can afford after childbirth, this is the easiest variation of twists, climbs and bending the legs in the supine position.

If the delivery was with complications before performing any exercise you need to get permission from the doctor.

It quickly emaciated mothers after birth, fed the baby, and it is not a coincidence. Breastfeeding woman loses about 700 calories a day, but that doesn’t mean that you can eat without restrictions. This is another argument in favor of breast-feeding in the absence of contraindications.

Kegel Exercise

They often do before birth to prepare the pelvic floor muscles, it is not necessary to leave the habit and after childbirth. As soon as you feel ready, to renew the Kegel exercises, the muscles will quickly come to the tone, General fitness will get better.

Caution with sugar

During breastfeeding women need extra calories, but to get them you need not sweet. It is foolish to think, how to lose weight at home after delivery and eat a lot of sugar. Sugar not only gives extra calories, but also slows down the healing of the abdominal muscles.

A lot of protein in the diet

What not limit yourself after childbirth is protein. The abundance of protein products in the menu helps to restore and strengthen muscles and also improves the quality of breast milk. Make sure you have the food had a lot of lean meat, eggs, dairy products.

Grudnichkovye swimming

Classes with a baby in the pool is good for a child and spent a lot of calories for mom. Besides, this is an opportunity to have fun, meet and make friends with new people with common interests.

Better – less

The question how to lose weight after giving birth, can not stand idly by, but the lack of loads will not be as dangerous as excess. Seek to restore a beautiful figure, but remember that your body is physically and mentally exhausted, do not ask too much.

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