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Top 8 most traumatic simulators for women

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Top 8 most traumatic simulators for women

The contents

  • Simulator leg press lying
  • The Simulator Smith
  • Simulator for vertical thrust block
  • The reduction of arms in the simulator “peck-Dec”
  • Bench for hyperextension
  • Trainer leg curl sitting
  • Trainer for information and breeding of the legs
  • Trainer for thrust lower unit

The well-equipped fitness club to deal with — a pleasure! Classic trainers and fancy equipment beckon, promising relief pack abs, high and firmer Breasts, flat stomach and thick legs.

However, experts note that not all simulators and devices for fitness are equally useful. Some of them can do more harm than good. Especially if you take advantage of them unprepared!

Simulator leg press lying

Some women consider work on the simulator a safe alternative to squats with weights. To start training enough to lie on his back, resting his lower back against the bench and press the feet of cargo, which moves on an inclined plane.

At this point, it is very easy to hurt — quite incorrectly positioning the lower back, pelvis and legs. If during exercise, the load constantly on the spine, you can earn intervertebral hernia or injure him. So to use the machine only under the guidance of an experienced coach, at the same time the load needs to be prepared.

The Simulator Smith

Advanced athletes call this machine a work of genius for those engaged in bodybuilding. But work on the Smith machine as the gym, with no purpose to build muscle and build a raised body. With it, you can perform squats, presses sitting and lying down with the weights. Unlike exercises with dumbbells or a barbell, the equipment cannot accidentally drop to his feet. But he has his flaws.

Thus, during exercise with free weights, the person is a convenient path, trying to keep his balance. In the simulator Smith this possibility it is deprived. Restriction of movement can adversely affect the health of the knees, joints and spinal column, can lead to injury.


From the name of the simulator you may mistakenly conclude that its Creator was a Smith, but it is not! In fact, the invention belongs to Jack Lalane — promoter of a healthy lifestyle, nutritionist and naturopath. And Rudy Smith was the owner of the gym where Jack first introduced his trainer.

Simulator for vertical thrust block

There are several options on this device. The most traumatic of them is thrust by a head. In this position, the entire burden falls on the shoulder joints, the spine. During the exercise, as you can damage the back and muscles of the shoulder girdle — up to their breakup.

To avoid unpleasant prospects, should be strictly dosed pressure, and the steps in the development of the simulator exercise in the company of a coach or experienced athlete.

The reduction of arms in the simulator “peck-Dec”

In bodybuilding highly regarded point study pectorally muscles, which allows you to purchase a distinct volume and fullness of the chest, which women like in a man’s body. For this purpose was created a simulator called “butterfly” or “pitch Decks”. In addition to men, to do it became and women who care about beauty and firmness of your bust.

While working on the simulator, his arms come down the hands to the center of the body, and then gently apart, keeping the movements fluid. Women in this simulator are often injured because they fail to take correct body position before the start of the exercise (do not adjust the seat height, do not rely lower back on the back of the station or round the back) or take too much weight.


An alternative to this exercise can be the classic push-UPS in the prone position. Beginners fitness experts advise to start to do push-UPS from knees, and after the “first pitch” will be taken, go to the classic exercise.

Bench for hyperextension

Compared to the above simulators, this model seems very simple, and therefore safe. However, it has its “fly in the ointment”. During exercise a woman’s body is parallel to the floor, face down, legs are fixed. Need to lean forward, then return to the starting position. This will allow you to pump the muscles of the back, waist, back of the thigh.

One awkward movement, and you can get a muscle sprain, damage the spine. In some women there is an acute attack of pain due to the fact that there is spasserovannye tense muscles, which leads to compression of spinal nerve roots.

Trainer leg curl sitting

Attractive thighs and buttocks wish to have all women who do sport. To do this, they practice a variety of exercises, including on special simulators. Bending the legs in the simulator sitting — a popular load in the fitness plan the beautiful half of humanity. She trains the front of the thigh, helping to acquire slender thighs and buttocks.

The danger of this simulator is that if tampering work it may lead to hyperextension of the knees, causing often the damaged joint. The simulator is not recommended to engage women who have had problems with their knees and joints.


Isolated exercises on the simulator it is possible to prefer squats and lunges, exercise “Planck”. They efficiently work through problem areas of the body and will give excellent results in the shortest possible time. Their plus is that they do not require the participation of any inventory.

Trainer for information and breeding of the legs

Training on this simulator is popular with women, who dream of a lean, muscular legs. However, to get rid of fat locally is impossible. And if you overdo it in the work on the simulator, it is fraught not only damage muscles but also ligaments. This often happens with women who do not know how to choose the right load and practice, not studying pre-technology.

During the exercise the exerciser is working on movement that are not human in real life. It is fraught with problems with the tendon that connects the muscles of the lateral thigh, as well as the high probability of displacement of the knee joint.

Trainer for thrust lower unit

Like other simulators mentioned above, can add a lot of unnecessary spine problems. While working on the equipment the torso leans slightly forward, we are working with the weights. If at this point to round the back to lift the weight will have with their still immature vertebrae and longitudinal muscles.

And then instead of the beautiful posture, the woman risks to get injured and permanently drop out of the training plan.

Did you know?

Bodybuilders believe exercise traction unit to the belt sitting in one of the best for giving back the visual width. So women should think twice as to whether it is necessary to include in your workout and how often to practice.

Expert commentary

Saidzoda of Salawati, Jakiro, coach, two-time European champion in wrestling

Exercises that makes the man, it is not always good and useful for women. It is associated with anatomically small differences. As a woman in the future to have children, have a special care to the selection of exercises. Exercises that will strengthen the muscles of the skeleton of a woman, and will not lead to complications in pregnancy.

Below are three exercises that don’t bear any harm to the body (if you do everything according to the recommendations) and span from the upper to the lower extremities.

Exercise # 1. Vis on the bar with the raising of the lower extremities

Exercise for stomach and back. There is a universal 2 in 1 exercise equipment. One of such simulators is a double bar (if you can call it that). It is attached to the wall. One provision gives the possibility to use it as a horizontal bar. Another position to use as lumber.

Available simulator second position — rail. Grab the handles and raise yourself. Then put your elbows at a special rate. It is also necessary that the hanging feet was on weight at 10-20 cm from the floor. Smooth movement raise both legs up to the level of the pelvis and fix straightened his legs for 2 seconds. Then smoothly let off the legs down to the starting position. In order to avoid injury when using this simulator, as in all exercises, the warm-up. A minimum of 10 minutes warm-up taps on the hands, especially in the shoulder and elbow joint are also stretched his back.

Exercise # 2. Lunges with dumbbells-barbell

A great exercise in terms of simplicity and practicality of the inventory. Will help any girl to tighten up and round. Starting position feet slightly less than shoulder width apart. Put the bar on a trapeze. Perform the following movements: right foot step forward; let the leg down so that the thigh is parallel to the floor, and the knee does not protrude beyond the toe; the second foot remains behind, bent 90 ° (the knee not touching the floor); step forward and drop down; climb up, without changing the position of the feet.

In order not to get injured in the simulator, you need to take the barbell so that your hands are evenly distributed relative to the edges of the rod. The back should be smooth, since most of the load take on the legs, not the back.

Exercise # 3. Pull the upper block wide grip behind the head

Exercise for the development of the upper limbs. You need to fully straighten his back. Grab the handles so that the blades almost touch each other. The grip should be comfortable. Monitor the location of the hand when gripping the handles. Next, static, fix the feet at the bottom of the trainer and execute a smooth motion from top to bottom. The emphasis in implementation should be bending and straightening at the elbow joint. When performing exercises, the main burden falls on the trapeze and on the biceps. So as not to cause injury in such simulator, you must perform warm-up: rotation of the shoulder joint; elbow joint; the heating of the neck and rubbing the edge of his hand on both sides.

Expert commentary

Elena Cullen, psychologist, expert in psychology of weight loss, consultant for nutritional support and healthy lifestyle

Every day becomes more urgent concern for the health and your body. Women have little fitness training or dancing and many people go to the gym for a sculpted, beautiful, fit body. The variety of simulators is striking, and not always easy to make a choice.

In order to pull the body and acquire beautifully shaped, to burn off extra fat and improve metabolism, it is important to use weights and cardio. This will not only help to make the body a relief, but also to train the cardiovascular system.

Classes on any of the simulators useful to include in training a woman?

The most problematic of women’s space — usually the thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms and back. Training in these areas will be useful and effective.

Here are some of them:

The block frame. In this simulator it is possible to result in the shape of the biceps of the arms and thighs, triceps, back, glutes, outer thighs, inner thighs. This simulator is designed for two zones — top and bottom, and we can say, is universal.

The simulator platform. Used to improve the shape of the biceps and quadriceps thighs, buttocks, inner thighs. In this simulator it is important to choose the load so as not to get injured.

Gravitron forms the back, arms shoulders. Depending on the exercise effect on different muscle groups. With this simulator you can make a nice spin and choose dresses with deep back neckline.

Bench press. On the bench you can do various crunches, scissors, bicycles, working through the upper, lower and oblique abdominal muscles.

Strength training to work out the abdominal muscles better to use with caution because is slim waist, you can get a wide strong inflated press.

The cardiovascular equipment. Such simulators are believed, or ellipse, elliptical, stepper, treadmill. These simulators help to speed up your metabolism, giving your body these essential aerobic exercise that helps to burn fat. Besides that it is necessary to shape the muscles, it is important to get rid of fat. And cardio allows.

As with any exercise, during exercise at the gym can cause injury. To avoid this, observe the following rules:

  • Follow instructions from the coach before the first practice on the simulator. This will help you to perform the exercises correctly with respect to the load.
  • Possibly work with a coach to hone their skills.
  • Dress in gym clothes with a special compression effect. This will help to avoid unnecessary strain on the blood vessels.
  • During your workout focus on the exercises and not get distracted. Performing exercises correctly, you can avoid unnecessary stress and injury.
  • Weight training do with lower weight and increase it gradually, under the supervision of a coach.
  • If you feel pain, consult a doctor. Assistance provided on time, will help to avoid even greater trauma in the future will allow you to quickly get back in the gym.

Stay slim, beautiful and healthy!

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