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TOP 10 most popular exercise machines in the gym

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TOP 10 most popular exercise machines in the gym

In gyms to some of the exercise machines lined up in long queues, while others are less popular among those who came to fitness training to people. What kind of simulators are most like the supporters of a healthy lifestyle?

First place – hyperextension

Everyone knows the so-called slopes through the goat, while the cubs involved in fitness without a coach, yet often overlooked this exercise. It is difficult to find a set of movements that would be useful and safe for the health of the back. A good professional trainer will make sure your mentee to perform at least some approaches every workout.

Simulators for active fitness

Treadmill is the best assistant in the weight-loss and well-deserved ranks second in popularity. Walking and running are natural for the person class, but have on the body significant exercise. Also cardio on the treadmill improves cardiovascular system.

Rounding out the top three another fixture for fans of cardio training is the stationary bike. Its popularity is easily explained by the versatility and ease to learn, regardless of fitness level.

Thrust from the upper block

Trainer, who teaches you to catch up, can not be unpopular in men. With work it easy to handle even for people with excess weight, as well as new fans of a healthy lifestyle, not attending before the gym.

Elliptical trainer and its role in fitness for women

This shell is also called the orbitrek. It is designed for intense cardio and gives tone to absolutely all the muscles of the human body. Women cherish to elliptical special weakness, as it is well tighten leg muscles and buttocks. People who have problems with joints and spine can do on the elliptical trainer without fear, as it almost does not load the musculoskeletal system of man.

Trainer leg press

It is difficult to find a more efficient way to work the muscles of the legs and lower body in General. This machine I love both men and women.

The Smith Machine

Seventh place is a favorite of bodybuilders. The simulator is made in the form of a bench with two racks, which are regulated used weight. Quick result attracts not only professionals, but beginners and fitness enthusiasts.

Crossover to power of fitness

The secret of success of this unit – opportunity to influence specific muscle groups without affecting those who don’t need a load. The crossover is working fine muscles of the back and breast, shoulder girdle and the press. Bodybuilders love it for the possibility of point to adjust the shape.

Rowing machine

A truly versatile fixture, a favorite of those who wish to lose weight. During training, the load is evenly distributed on all the muscles of the human body, stimulating its harmonious development. Popular rowing machine among inexperienced athletes due to its apparent complexity, because of which beginners are hesitant to start training.


This cardio is especially loved by many women. During the sessions on the stepper for legs and buttocks is an effect similar to the result from a long walk on the stairs. Rapid weight loss and trim figure without adding weight – what more could you want from the cardio.

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