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Tom Platz reveals that at 65 he is still a Quadfather!

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Throughout his career, Tom Platz has been known for his incredibly massive and well-defined legs. He recently revealed that even after sixty-five years he still has some of the best quadras in iron sports. When he was at his peak, Platz was one of the most formidable competitors in competitive bodybuilding. He has competed in numerous tournaments over the years and finished third on the main show Mr. Olympia in 1981, and also won Mr. Universe in 1980. Winning or losing, Tom always gave his best, and even when he did not participate in competitions, he always did impressive things in the training room, constantly worked on himself and on his physique. Platz's well-developed legs made him popular. Over the years, the man has demonstrated their incredible strength, even squatting for ten minutes straight at a time. Because of this, his legs were insanely cut and he earned the nickname Quadfather for how huge his quads were. Tom recently shared on Instagram that his legs still look amazing despite being 65 now. Platz doesn't often share new workouts on social media, but looking at his legs, it's clear that he trains regularly. Their level of development and form is enough to put to shame some of today's professional bodybuilders, and he has not competed in about 30 years! Even at 65, Tom continues to show you just how far hard work and a healthy lifestyle can take you. The fact that his legs can look like this makes Platz truly an iron sports legend, and he still inspires athletes to this day.
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