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To the machine: how ballet training helps to lose weight and find the man of dreams

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Studio executives “Ballet in the city” and “Bulletimage”: “Now it became very fashionable to engage in a fitness ballet, which is fundamentally different from classical all the exercises are based on strict rules of performance each item on the aesthetics of the movements and their harmony with the music. Don’t forget that this is primarily an art, despite the fact that today classical ballet can tackle almost any. Fitness ballet is a type of fitness load, which on the basis of some exercises of a ballet class, much simpler and combined with elements of aerobics. Rather here the emphasis is on physical activity: the number of repetitions, the speed of their execution, and so on.

The optimal class for beginners — ballet gymnastics (or “takedowns”), which needs to prepare your body for ballet classes. The fact that the ballet work all muscle groups of the body simultaneously, including very specific ones that are not involved neither in everyday life nor in any sport. To control your body from tip foot before turning the head and bending of the fingers is quite difficult, at first, everything seems unfamiliar and uncomfortable. This is ballet exercises: lying on the floor, alternately worked different muscle groups, the body becomes accustomed to the “proper” ballet and stretching. For those who have back problems (it is now not uncommon), or who is not stretched to “the pit”, there are special classes for development of muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

One lesson classical ballet burns about 700 calories. As the complexity of classrooms, when 15-30 minutes for complex jumps and dance elements, uses much more power. This load is much more serious and energozatratno than a slow and methodical movement at the primary level.

During ballet class, working all muscle groups, pulled all the body. But above all is the inner side of the thigh, legs are noticeably slimmer. Secondly, it is the gluteal muscles during the class holding all the body, and therefore work very intensively, as well as the back and press. About the press spoke to Maya Plisetskaya: “the Muscles of the abdomen to two fingers below the navel should always be involved”. Try to hold to tone your abdominal muscles for 90 minutes! “And if the stomach dissolved, says the former soloist of the Bolshoi theatre Anna Ivanova — all, not a ballerina.”

Classic ballet class lasts 90 minutes and consists of three main parts: the press, the middle and Pointe shoes (advanced level). Elements at the machine do not change depending on the level: is a set of exercises that are given in clear sequence, changing only the tempo and combination of them. The sequence of their performance — from simple to complex. But I would like to note that even the first exercise — plié or squat — requires the simultaneous execution of more than 20 specific rules and work the entire body.

The middle is the part of the lesson when students are moved from the machine in the center of the room. Usually it starts with “Adagio”, smooth, slow movements, and flows in the same elements as that of the machine, but with increased complexity. After all, to keep balance, not leaning on the machine, much more complicated.

The third movement — “Allegro” or jumping. They become harder depending on the level: if at the initial level, the body is only slightly “off” from the floor, the professional dancer with a large jump can cover half of the hall. The main thing here is to learn how to push off and land.

The system of the classical ballet class is so constructed that it is important to correctly perform all the movements in sequence. Smooth exercises at developing strength and endurance alternating with sudden and rapid, during which the muscles work differently, they declined rapidly and actively burn fat, they are complemented by stretching exercises give the muscles elasticity and allow you to increase the range of motion. For example, completing the exercise (compound exercises) at the Barre, the dancer first performs “Adagio”: it is slowly and gradually lift his legs, working out your thigh muscles and press muscles-the stabilizers of the back. Then comes the “Grand Batman” when the dancer abruptly and quickly throws the leg up and stretching — it stretches, with his foot on the bench or holding her hands.

For practicing “stalls” or other classes suitable for beginners any tight sports wear t — shirt and leggings. To practice ballet class need to have a special form: ballet leotard and tights and ballet shoes are special, without which, at first, to do just uncomfortable, but as the complexity of the class, and insecure. In the first part of the lesson also needs clothing that is used to warm up muscles: leg warmers, jackets and shorts. Of course, you can wear a ballet skirt, but it’s more of an aesthetic element, creating a mood.

Ballet is like yoga, a combination of work on two components: body and soul. As for the body, during ballet classes it’s getting stronger and stronger, muscles are toned and as flexible and elastic. This makes the feminine figure and graceful, girls changing posture and gait.
During ballet class is not only the body but the brain develops memory, thinking. Indeed, during the execution of each movement you need to think constantly how to make a particular movement, as well as to follow the sequence.

And ballet prolongs youth. And not only the body. In history many examples of dancers who to a ripe old age were not only in good form, but had retained a youthful spirit, the ability to think.

It is important that classical ballet classes also help women to open up. We observed that several of the girls from our Studio successfully married. According to teacher Tatyana Pavlovich, were largely responsible for this ballet, which opens in the woman to woman with a capital letter, making it charming and gorgeous. To paraphrase ancient wisdom, “in a beautiful body a beautiful spirit.” Ballet classes bring in the woman the nobility, taste and dignity, which immediately affects her posture, gait and manners.

In professional ballet, there are many restrictions: for admission to ballet Academy from thousands of girls will only have one. This is important: the age, body structure, predisposition to obesity, flexibility, sense of rhythm and many, many more. Fortunately, in the Amateur ballet no restrictions, they may engage in any, regardless of age and body composition.

The main contraindications for ballet classes is a serious knee injury, or hip, but all classes are held under the scrutiny of teachers. Therefore, they can engage girls with serious back problems, which the ballet will bring more benefits than swimming or fitness training in specialized centers.”

Personal opinion

Alina Esipova, a pupil of the Studio “Ballet in the city”: “Ballet I started when I was 30 years old. And I dance only 2 years. As soon as I changed classes in hip hop, tennis and swimming (5 times a week) just for ballet class (3-4 times a week), I immediately lost 5 lbs. the Result I felt after three months of intensive training at the bench. However, I don’t follow any diets and basically I have a sedentary, office job. Ballet technique aims to tighten the buttocks, calves, inner thighs, triceps. Also with a ground floor gymnastics and exercises at the machine stretches the spine, strengthens the muscular system, appears press. This combined with stretching is a “dry” muscles of the body, and pumps up “banks” like bodybuilders. Through ballet I have improved gait and there was a lightness. And it’s all in the complex are very young without any surgery”.

Tatyana Chernenko, student of the ballet Studio “ballet training is not just exercise and release of endorphins and a beautiful toned body as a result. For me it’s really a second life, and the Studio a second home. It brings incredible emotions, inspires, gives a sense of happiness and peace. How many times ballet saved me (psychologically) from the problems at home, in the family — do not count. Not only distracted, but also tempered by nature, I became harder and more stable. And, of course, classical music has developed in me a sense of harmony and refinement”.

Alisa Novikova, a student of the ballet Studio “Ballet in the city”: “first, for me ballet is the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream, and that’s a lot. Secondly, it is a science about the body with its own rules, logic, and so it’s just fun to explore, and with it — your body and its capabilities. Thirdly, the ballet is one of the arts, so after school, you receive peace of mind. Fourthly, the whole body is pumped with 100% muscle on my legs and arms tightened, and the figure becomes athletic”.

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