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To lose weight without meat, vegan diet to lose weight?

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What do vegans eat?

Like vegetarians, they eat meat. But, in contrast, is removed from the menu are also dairy products, eggs, honey and gelatin. In the diet remain fruit, vegetables, legumes, greens, grains, vegetable oil. In addition, there can be not so useful, but technically vegan products: sweets, white bread, French fries, chips.

How healthy is this meal?

If you choose the right products, veganism is good for health. People who eat lots of plant foods often have lower cholesterol, lower BMI, low blood pressure and less likely to develop type II diabetes.

Why is this happening? The rejection of red meat and dairy products reduces the consumption of saturated fats, while plant foods rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Can I lose weight by becoming vegan?

If this means fewer calories — Yes. If you carefully monitor what you eat (and how it was cooked). But if you change chicken breast on a daily macaroni — no.

How to start a vegan diet?

It is important to choose the right foods. These include: fruits, greens, nuts and seeds, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, tofu. But what should be avoided or carefully study a composition: meat substitutes, many desserts (cakes, cookies, ice cream), white bread, pasta, pre-prepared snacks (candy bar, chips).

And a few important rules:

  • eat more protein (beans, beans, tofu),
  • do not overeat (eat too many berries is no more difficult than to overeat biscuits),
  • eat complex carbs (wild rice, oatmeal, quinoa) and good fats (avocado, olives, nuts).

Nutritionists warn that the vegan diet is also possible to gain weight if there is no account desserts marked “vegan”.

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