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To lose weight – and fast: scientists have found when the body burns calories faster

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A study conducted by experts on circadian rhythms (in other words — rhythms), showed that in the afternoon and early evening, a man burns more calories than in the morning. And at this time it is recommended to eat.

But do not rush to carry on training this is a good time: rule only works if you don’t mind. That is, around 5-6 PM better hurry.

To find out this useful information, the researchers put seven volunteers in the laboratory without access to information about the time (no clocks, no Windows, no gadgets). The subjects could not understand, night or day. They were issued with a schedule of when to sleep, when to eat. And every night they went to bed an hour later than the previous (like moving to different time zones). As it really like a journey, the biological clock was working in another way: apart from the information about the time, they dictated body your own schedule. Scientists, meanwhile, pointed to changes in metabolic rate.

So, the slowest food is processed during late biological night (very early morning), and most quickly — in about 12 hours. The difference was up to 130 calories!

And because weight gain is often caused by the fact that we consume more calories than spend, this information may be useful for those who want to lose weight a little faster.

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