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To live longer: 5 foods are definitely good for health

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1. Fatty fish

Fish oil many remember from childhood (and no longer trying, but in vain). It is very useful for health due to the carotenoids that improve brain function. A recent study showed that omega 3 can really extend the life! After reviewing the information about 2600 adult Americans with an average age of 74 years found that those who have higher blood levels of omega-3 (two fish meals a week), 18% less risk of getting a chronic illness and experience mental or physical difficulties.

2. Nuts

Favorite snack can add life to even a few years. Two large studies have shown that the more often a person eats nuts, the less risk to die young from cancer, heart attack or complications of viral infections.

Nuts are full of nutrients that protect the heart and help to cope with inflammation. Unsaturated fats, dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, calcium, antioxidants are only part of the extensive list.

If you’re worried about their high fat content, limit the serving to 30 grams (a lot of it!). Since nuts are excellent saturate, it is rather difficult to overeat.

3. Whole grains

If you don’t have a difficult time tolerating gluten, whole grain bread and pasta not only hurt, but also help to live longer. According to scientists, one extra piece of bread reduces the risk of sudden death is 5%, and the risk of dying from heart problems by 9%. B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, dietary fiber in bread a lot.

4. Spicy food

Eating of spicy food promotes longevity. A study involving 450 thousand Chinese of both sexes showed that those who eat spicy 6-7 times a week, reduces the risk of death by 14% compared with those who added the chili once a week. Case in capsaicin — the substance found in hot pepper. This antioxidant helps fight inflammation, lowers blood sugar and promotes weight loss. The best result of those who also doesn’t drink alcohol.

5. Seaweed

Due to the high content of iodine and fucoidan they improve thyroid function and fighting inflammation. Besides, algae are low calorie, but it quickly creates a feeling of satiety.

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