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To help conceive: 6 non-obvious ways to approach pregnancy

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1. Let him stop drinking protein shakes

Doctors involved in fertility treatment, say the deterioration of sperm quality in men who constantly drink them. The reason for this is unclear: perhaps the problem is that some smoothies contain steroids that affect hormonal balance. After he stops using it, the sperm returns to normal in about three months.

2. The right time

Sounds fun, but not everyone knows that a woman can get pregnant only on certain days of the cycle. A survey of British women showed that only 35% of women can name the days favorable for conception. Pregnancy occurs when the egg, and she lives only about a day. But sperm can remain in the body for up to 5 days. So to calculate the time of ovulation optional: if you have sex every 2-3 days, you will not miss this moment.

3. It is advisable to quit Smoking

Especially men, since tobacco affects the sperm quality. Studies show that the sperm will look and move identically, but the quality of DNA they carry, is deteriorating.

4. Change your lifestyle for the better

For example, men do not wear tight underwear, and both useful to eat right and taking the recommended vitamins folic acid (B9) and vitamin E.

5. Enjoy sex

Sex in this period is important and even sensitive moment. Most importantly they should not become a chore or something that must be forced.

6. Don’t scold yourself or partner

It is important to continue to enjoy life, no matter what. If you put everything on a map of conception, you can quickly forget what a pleasure.

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