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To experience pregnancy: 6 psychological problems which should be addressed

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1. How to lower the bar

Most women have an idea about what it meant to be a mother. For example, happy with life, home, car, work, yoga, a crowd of friends… and peace, only tranquility. But when trying to adapt to this ideal, we find that not very good. And most importantly — this is not necessary! The main thing — to live without putting themselves in someone invented standards.

2. How not to forget about yourself

In early pregnancy many more concerned about the health of baby inside, not his own. Nevertheless, to think about yourself is very important, because if something is wrong with you, child, this, too, may be affected. Example — antidepressants, when the therapist offers to reduce the dose, and you feel the negative effects and the dose becomes the same. You have to choose what’s best for both of you.

3. How not to blame myself for everything

Pregnancy is sometimes compared with that you’re standing at the foot of mount Everest and going up to the top. Starting to worry that spend a lot of money, live in a small apartment, think a lot about everything. But it is important to remember that pregnancy takes a lot of time, for which you can have a lot of work to do. And you don’t have to become perfect on all counts at the moment of birth into the light, so you’d better relax!

4. How to find like-minded people

Many women are helped by talking with those who are pregnant too. And if they were, that is, on the same wavelength, this communication may eventually develop into a friendship. Even if you’re not too contact, try not to interfere.

5. How better to find out yourself

Before pregnancy can be, for example, bodypositive or treat them neutrally. And then many are surprised how quickly and strongly changing body. To deny these changes will not work, so try to get used to them. Moreover, it is temporary.

6. How not to be afraid of your emotions

Many pregnant feel like changing the mood, and nothing can do about it. And do not need! During this period, hormones jumping, so that at all desire it is difficult to remain emotionally impenetrable. Give vent to emotions… and don’t forget that soon all will pass by itself.

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