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To conceive faster: 8 steps to a healthy pregnancy

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1. Take your vitamins

Surely you know that pregnant they are useful, but for conception too! Especially if your food is far from perfect (and can never know). In addition, prenatal vitamins help to improve the menstrual cycle (if conception took time). And thanks to the folic acid the baby will avoid neural tube defects.

2. Track ovulation

Technically you can get pregnant literally any day, but most often it occurs during ovulation and a few days before her. Ovulation usually occurs approximately on the 14th day of the cycle.

It is best to track your cycle every month to ensure that there is an ovulation. With modern pharmaceutical tests is easy.

In addition, knowledge about ovulation reduces the need to have sex every day, to not miss a single chance.

3. Give up the grease

The lubricant may reduce the speed of the sperm can not pass through a viscous substance. Also you should avoid the shower after sex, because it changes the pH balance in the vagina and affects the viability of sperm.

4. Reduce consumption of caffeine and alcohol

Of course, during pregnancy have to reduce their consumption to almost zero, but you should start before conception. Substances contained in coffee and wine, can have a negative impact on the body and interfere with the “meeting” of the egg and sperm. It is advisable to drink more than two cups of coffee a day and pay attention to the amount of soda, chocolate and energy drinks with caffeine in the composition. Alcohol can reduce the level of estrogen in your blood.

5. Don’t train excessively

Of course, to support the weight of useful, but to train to exhaustion, when they want to conceive a child, it is not necessary. If the body decides that fat is not enough, it can go into power saving mode and does not allow to conceive a child in such a difficult time.

6. Try not to worry

Yeah, nobody likes that advice, but it is better to follow them. Meditation and other calming methods can help to reduce the levels of cortisol, which can affect ovulation.

7. Quit

Yes, it’s not easy, but very useful for you and for the unborn child. In addition, Smoking is associated with earlier onset of menopause and a rapid decrease of ovarian reserve.

8. More sleep

The rhythm disturbance of sleep can negatively affect ovulation. If your job prevents sleep, try to change the schedule or at least sleep without interruption when possible. Don’t drink coffee and don’t watch TV at night to sleep was stronger and healthier.

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