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To become a mother after 35: 6 common myths about late pregnancy

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Myth # 1: after 30 have longer to work on the conception

In fact, more than 80% of couples cope with this for years, if a woman is not more than 40 years.

Myth # 2: becoming a mother is closer to 40 is more difficult, because declining fertility

In fact, the difference is not very large: it is necessary to decrease the number of eggs.

Myth # 3: at this age a much higher risk of miscarriage

After 35 years it increases by about half. Considering that on average every seventh pregnancy fails, but early on it can you do not know this should not be a stop factor. Besides, a miscarriage does not affect the ability to give birth in the future. And in most cases termination of pregnancy is due to genetic characteristics of the fetus.

Myth # 4: after 35 must do IVF

No, most likely the pregnancy itself. According to statistics, more than half of women going for IVF under 35.

Myth # 5: call these women staracademie

Good doctors avoid such terms because they sound offensive. Who also does not believe 35-year-old pregnant staracademie. It’s an outdated concept from the mid-twentieth century, and earlier, when a managed repeatedly to give birth before 25, and 35 lived not all.

Myth # 6: highly increased risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth

Growing, but not essential. Increases the likelihood of gestational diabetes and hypertension. But if the expectant mother kept himself in good shape, it will not hurt anything normally carry and give birth to a child.

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