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To be scared silly: the whole truth about the risks of birth control pills

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whereby do increase, almost 80%. In context, however, everything is different: even with this increased risk the probability to get a heart problem is less than 0.01%. Of course, if you already have bad lines of cardiology, the risk becomes higher, but honestly, tablets are not to blame.

2. Can they cause breast cancer?

According to research, the risk increases a little. But as young women who are usually on the pill, breast cancer is rarely seen, do not worry. Besides, they reduce the risk of cancer of the rectum, bladder and ovaries.

3. Is it possible to pick up an infection?

Women who are taking hormonal contraceptives, often become infected with Staphylococcus. However, this does not mean that they must be ill: they just don’t spend a lot of time in hospitals. And to reduce the risk of infection, frequently wash your hands with hot water and soap.

4. Do pills blindness?

Actually blindness — no. However, a study by the University of California showed that increases the risk of glaucoma. Estrogen produced by the body, prevents aging of the cells of the eye, and if its synthesis is suppressed, the protection becomes weaker. This applies to those who take the pill for more than three years. To make sure you’re out of the risk groups regularly come in to have an eye exam.

5. Do they contribute to weight gain?

In various studies there is evidence about weight gain 5-10% of women in the first year of admission. However, not all cases, is directly linked with hormonal contraceptives: stress (or Vice versa harmonious life) can also affect weight.

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