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Tips on how to pump up thighs at home

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Every girl dreams to have a slim figure, beautiful buttocks and toned thighs. For this you need to organize a workout, but the fitness club is not necessary. How to build thighs in the home, you can learn from this article.

Of course, in the gym, with a variety of equipment and effective fitness trainers to engage in a much more interesting. But if the main goal is to get beautiful and toned body, train can be at home. Assuming good commitment, per month, you can achieve a tangible result. We will look at 5 effective exercises, which work to reduce the waist and remove unnecessary fat, build muscle. For this we need only the desire and a few improvised tools.

The following exercises can perform girls at any physical shape, even beginners. For greatest efficiency the recommended number of repetitions to increase gradually.

Before starting our exercises, you need to arrange a five-minute warm-up.

For this fit running (regular or on site depending on the area), various jumps, twisting. It is necessary to warm up the muscles of the body, feet and hands, allow the body ready for exercise. Heart rate will accelerate evenly, you are breathing, and the body is ready to load. So, start pumping lyashek and buttocks.


Squats is known as a proven means of pumping of the hips, pelvis and press. Over time, the possible additions in the form of dumbbells or other projectiles to load. Squats strengthen the muscles of the waist of the body, the pelvis and femur. Starting position — standing, feet on width of shoulders, hands at chest level close to your body or stretching forward.

  • Exhaling, lower the pelvis down, keeping your hips and heels.
  • Inhaling to rise back up, keeping your back straight.
  • To perform 30 repetitions.
  • Leg swings, standing on all fours

    This exercise should be performed on a flat surface, for convenience putting a gym Mat. Starting position — stand on all fours, having four points of support (two for knees and elbows), pelvis in this case is a little above the shoulders.

  • Taking its original position, just pull the stomach.
  • Exhaling, raise one foot, heel seeking up.
  • Inhaling, return to starting position, controlling the waist and smooth the back.
  • 30 reps one leg.
  • Change leg and do the other foot also 30 reps.
  • Mahi lying on its side

    The exercise is designed for inflating the outer surface of the thigh. Strengthens thighs and buttocks, is very effective, it is necessary to watch correctness of implementation. Starting position — lie on your side, stretching the body in a straight line.

  • Lie on your side, slightly raising the body, focusing on the bent elbow.
  • Exhaling, lift the upper leg as high as possible.
  • Inhaling, lower the leg down but not until the end without letting it touch the other leg.
  • Repeat at least 25 times.
  • To change position, turned over on its other side and do 25 times with the other leg.
  • Attacks

    Enter into a fitness program. Exercise effectively tightens glutes, thighs, press, without requiring any additional devices. Starting position — standing, heels together, hands placed on waist or hips.

  • Exhale, producing the attack back foot on a diagonal (in fact positioning it for the second leg).
  • Inhaling, return to starting position.
  • To do 20 iterations.
  • To make the lunges with the other leg, 20 times.
  • Deadlifts

    To perform a thrust and obtain a good result you will need dumbbells. Alternatively, in the absence of home sports equipment, fill plastic bottles with water or sand. Starting position — stand upright, putting his feet shoulder-width apart, slightly bent, the cargo located in the hands, outstretched right WOL torso.

  • Out to do tilt forward, watching the back, it should be straight and knees bent
  • Inhaling, lift loads, spreading out his hands to the sides of the hull at the sides. Thus reducing the blade and squeezing the buttocks.
  • To do 25 repetitions.
  • When the body cope with the load, it is necessary to increase the number of repetitions and weight shells. Regular exercise and adherence to diet are not forced to wait for the results. Therefore, the question of how to pump up thighs at home can be answered. Easily, most importantly — a great desire, and will succeed.

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