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Tips and tricks: 7 ways to cope with anxiety

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1. Relax

If you watch him, you pretty soon will find the typical response to stress. And can it be curbed! You heebie-jeebies? The body is numb? Feel a burst of energy? Knowing your personal reaction, you’ll be able to control it. Maybe you just need to plunge into work or get out of the comfort zone, but each time will become easier.

When attack rolls anxiety, try different relaxation techniques:

  • a deep breath,
  • meditation,
  • visualization
  • yoga etc.

2. Odnozadachnist instead of multi-tasking

Many people like to think that they can simultaneously perform many tasks without losing concentration. In fact, the constant tension eventually causes the brain to work less efficiently!

Try in a moment to do one thing, properly prioritize and come back to detail later. Lay aside the phone and play with the children. Come out of the office and have a meeting with colleagues on the street.

3. Help others

Cast your anxiety in the direction of helping other people. You know, instead of how the attack will solve someone’s problem- and she will benefit from it.

4. Do sports

Even walking or light yoga are of great importance! Release of endorphins gives you energy and helps you focus on business and not on anxiety.

5. Tell me about it

Find someone with whom you can talk when anxiety overtakes. Friend, doctor, support group — anyone who can find the right words and even jokes.

6. Unplug gadgets

Turn off the TV, put aside the phone for an hour before bedtime. The last thing the brain, which is trying to disconnect, collection from social networks and crime news. Better read a book or lie down in the tub.

7. Eat right

It is very important for health! Do not overdo it with coffee, avoid fast food and sweets, eat vegetables and fish. Maintaining normal blood sugar levels is one of the main challenges in terms of health.

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