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Tips and exercises that will help pump up the press in just 30 days!

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Clearly depicted by the press the result is huge, and most importantly the right work. Some have debilitating body workouts, but all in vain, while others are quite quickly get the coveted cubes and attach with a minimum of effort. In this article you will learn how to gain press dreams in just a month.

How NOT to do

Would-be athletes take to download the press, lowering the weight to the optimum. As a result, we get the cubes under a layer of fat. First of all you need to lose weight, then connect power exercises. Forget about the classic twists on the press, they will lead to muscle tone, but does not work them enough to draw a line in the press, especially if there is fat on the belly. The same applies to lifting legs in vis standing, which increases abdominal activity. We will tell you how to pump up the press for a month and simultaneously work the muscles of the body. Adhering to our program after 30 days, you will be pleasantly surprised at her reflection in the mirror!

Schedule of nutrition and workouts

Many people ask whether it is possible for one to two weeks to pump up the cubes. No, the press is not as “fast”. 7-14 days is not enough, you need at least 30 days, and with proper routine, diet, sufficient fiznagruzki. So, let’s talk in detail about every aspect affecting the final result.

  • Proper nutrition.
  • Any coach will tell you that exercise is 30% of the results, the remaining 70% provide balanced breakfasts, snacks, Lunches and dinners.

    Get menu fast carbs (pasta, chocolate, fast food and other harm), replace them complex (oatmeal, buckwheat, other cereals), and you will have happiness.

  • Water. Lots of water. A day try to drink at least 2 liters of water. It nourishes the cells, contributing to the acceleration of metabolism and the entire organism.
  • Workout. Without them nowhere. Three times a week go to the gym or do at home. Yes, the house press pump is also possible, and not worse than in most advanced rocking! But more on that later.
  • A healthy sleep. Your body needs time to recover from the physical and moral stress of the day, so do not neglect this item. If you regularly don’t get enough sleep, fast and good results don’t wait. 8 hours of sleep a day is a minimum for the person who wants to build a press or simply to get your body in shape.
  • The points above may seem trivial and simple, but they determine your appearance, particularly the presence or absence of the press.

    Sample menu for the day

    Those who is considering abdominal muscles, can consider this option menu for the day:

    • Breakfast: 350 gr of protein cocktail.
    • First snack: 50 ml of peanut oil and a salad of raw vegetables.
    • Lunch: Turkey or other bird, glass of milk with a fat content not exceeding 2,5%, apples.
    • Second snack: fresh berries/fruit, almonds.
    • Dinner: meatballs with garlic cloves, one onion and 50 g mozzarella cheese, grated on a grater.

    If hunger attacked shortly before bedtime, you can drink a Cup of yogurt skim or 1-2. 5% fat.

    Recipe for protein shake

    Mix ingredients:

    • 200 ml of milk 1%.
    • Natural yogurt: 2 tbsp
    • Peanut butter: 50 ml.
    • 200 g of oat flakes. They need to be soaked in water.
    • 60 g of protein. Taste does not matter, you can even take the chocolate.
    • 6 crushed ice cubes.

    A tasty and healthy drink is ready! From this amount of ingredients will get two shakes, just for the morning and evening.

    Circuit training

    Those who want to remove extra weight, you should start with cardio workouts (running, walking, Jogging, swimming, Cycling, etc.). The load should be regular, at least 2-3 times a week. When the weight drops, you can connect power exercises, combining them with cardio. Intense interval training will help quickly draw the abdominal muscles! The base complex for elaboration of the press includes the following strength exercises:

    • Twisting with dumbbells. Take two a dumbbell (in each hand one). On the exhale, slowly pull your head and body from the floor, shell reach for the ceiling.
    • Crunches with fitball. Do a double twist, in which the shoulders off the floor while bending knees to your chest.
    • Reverse crunches with the fitness elastic band or tape. Put on a tape expander on socks of both legs, pre-attach it to the wall or break a chair. On the exhale, bring the knees to the shoulders. With an inhalation, slowly bring your feet on the floor.

    For all of the above exercises the source is a supine position.

    Home workouts

    There is a misconception that home is impossible to achieve the same success as in the hall. Not having inventory, but performing the following exercises, you will be convinced of the opposite:

    • Leg lifts: 3 rounds 10 times. To increase the load put your hands under your lower back.
    • Bike: 2 laps of 18 times, including 10 slow, 8 fast. Lying down hands behind head, knees at hip level. Head and body are raised up, while the right elbow touches the left knee, left elbow right knee.
    • 30-second stretching press. Arms and legs extended, torso off the floor. On a deep breath, strain the press as much.
    • Side plank: 2 sets of 30 seconds. Exercise is working fine oblique muscles. Over time, the number of approaches you can increase.
    • 30-second stretching the oblique muscles. On a deep breath, get your right leg behind left and bend to the body in the opposite direction. Do the same with the other leg. Feet all pressed to the floor.

    To work out and to tighten the muscles enough to perform the exercise strap. You just need to take a position push-UPS, beginners can rely not on the palm, and elbows. In this position, still to stand at least 30-60 seconds, ideally several minutes.

    Marking your progress, take a food diary and write down all performed sets and repetitions. It is very important every day to see a positive trend, and motivated by results.

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