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What kind of features you should know for a beginner in the gym? You should pay attention to women? When does the fitness of the important men? What to do with nicotine dependence when exercising in the fitness room? And it’s a fitness life hacks You’ll learn by reading this article.

Sometimes beginners in fitness knows motives, desires, purposes, often different from what can give fitness. An aspiring athlete is remotely fine workmanship with your own body. Trainers will explain how to do exercises properly, but some fitness tips for beginners it is better to know in advance to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Basic rules for fitness classes in the hall

Every sports institution generates own set of rules. They need to see in advance. But there are a number of tips relevant to all rooms:

  • Not to be missed training dirty. Sweat during exercise is normal, but to practice on shared equipment with itself a layer of sweat and dust after a hard day, not culturally in relation to others.
    Warm or cold shower taken before and after exercise.
    Hot water relaxes the muscles and enlarging the execution of the exercises.
  • The rule of purity applies to clothing. A necessary condition for the absence of traces and the smell of sweat from the previous workout.
  • Shoes closed sports type. Banned sandals, flip flops, Slippers. The right selection of sneakers with flexible sole, capable of transmitting air. Shoes for training is not used outside the fitness center.
  • In the hall you will need a water bottle and a compact towel. From the rapid fluid loss make you dizzy, it will become impossible to do.
  • Towel wipe the sweat and make the simulator to save the purity after the exercise.
  • Most of the gyms limit the period of employment on a single cardio machine to 30 minutes. The specified rule due to the need for all athletes to do cardio exercises to maintain heart health. Long sessions on a single simulator for the presence of the queue – a sign of bad taste.
  • After some time, it is not necessary to give fitness tips for beginners to other beginners. It is likely to mislead the inexperienced athlete.
  • To disturb those who have been involved in sports – rough. They visit room for improvement. Consultations to provide administrators and instructors.
  • Do not laugh at others, loudly telling stories, swearing to stick to the opposite sex.
  • Before class fitness is to abandon perfume and deodorants. Scent alcohol base together with abundantly secreted then create unbearable range of flavors. The optimal solution is the use of talc.

Features fitness for beginners

Beginners in fitness allow the same mistakes during the first month of training. They can be avoided by knowing the following recommendations:

  • Before the course a full medical examination.
  • 2-3 hours before training not used greasy heavy food, complicating the implementation of even simple exercises.
  • The goal of this workshop is reported in advance to the coach: a set of muscle mass, weight loss, dehydration, increase endurance, recovery after injuries. For each objective, individual approach is applied.
  • Warm – up, beginning any exercise. To prepare the muscles to the load is stretching, jumping rope, a short run.
  • From starting with large loads, newbie overstrain. Useful to plan training with gradual increase of intensity.
  • The instructor should immediately report about a physical disturbance, discomfort, excessive weakness.
  • A training diary will help track your progress, point out the weaknesses and strengths of the novice athlete.
  • Strength training is effective when conducted in 30-45 minutes after you start exercising.
  • Muscles grow, if you take breaks. It is recommended to divide the days for the different muscle groups.
  • Cardio equipment are used, after intense study, or 1-2 times a week in separate workouts.
  • When performing popular exercises “strap” to maintain body balance, hands held turned to the floor; the Cams or “prayer” addition hands are useless.
  • Beginners it is important to be physically active outside of the gym. To do exercises, walk more, a daily walk in the fresh air.
  • Violations of recreation is destructive to the formation of muscle tissue, so the daily dose of sleep is 7 hours.
  • A balanced diet is a necessary condition for your fitness activity. The body needs material to build new cells.
  • Novice athletes will disappoint no fast result. Physical changes are visible only through months of training. 2-3 sessions will only return the body tone.
  • Professional athletes perform exercises 20-30 times in 3 approaches. Permissible load for beginners below – 15-20 times in the 2 approaches.

Fitness tips for men

The male body responds differently to training. The strong hearth are formed quicker muscle tissue, but also the tolerance to stress appears earlier than in women. With the physical characteristics of men associated with the following recommendations:

  • The hard work at the gym for men – the key to athletic progress. The optimal duration of sessions, including warm – up- 1.5 hours. The first 2-4 visits to the hall are limited to 1 hour.
  • To start strength training, men are encouraged with the rod. Mastering the skill to work with this exercise equipment, it is easier to understand the peculiarities of the training with dumbbells, block machines.
  • Weight equipment for strength exercises is selected from the calculation – 60-80% of the weight of the athlete.
  • The norm for beginners – 12-20 approaches in the classroom with the hardware.
  • In the initial phase the rest between exercises is about 2-3 minutes, but gradually reduced to 1 minute.
  • Cardio. When practicing solely on weights is overloaded heart. Keep the main muscle of the body will help loads of cardio – running, swimming, Cycling. With an active approach to bodybuilding, they will have to pay a minimum of 2 classes per week.
  • Aerobic exercise. They are necessary to burn fat that hides the muscles.
  • Variety. The body quickly gets used if you select same equipment, exercise, exercise. Due to weak stress ceases to produce growth hormone. It is recommended that men alternate between different exercises. Through this approach, muscle growth will be more active.
  • Food. Male body is predisposed to burn calories during athletic exertion. When fitness meals 5-6 times a day small meals, eliminating fried, salty, alcohol; preferably lean meat, cheese, eggs, fish, vegetables, mineral water without gas. Even if the goal of fitness weight loss at the first sign of hunger you need to make a snack food.
  • Water. Sports rebukes water metabolism. The need for fluid replacement increases. A water bottle should always be close by.

Fitness tips for women

The prevailing number of women attend the gym with a goal to lose weight. Many give up after the first training. The described behavior is associated with a false shame. Seeing the fit Babes, girls jump in the pool complexes. The first thing to do is to overcome them.

For women an important clothing. The gym is not a catwalk, party or theater. When training it is better to choose:

  • sports bra;
  • seamless underwear (lace excluded);
  • loose-fitting clothing for the upper body, you can pick up a jacket, shirt or t-shirt oversized;
  • leggings (they allow you to move freely);
  • gloves, women’s skin is thinner, more vulnerable men are likely to be calloused from training with “iron”.

Hair will have to collect in a ponytail or tight braids. Lenses during sports activities should be abandoned.

The female body produces at least in 2 times less testosterone than men. The result is a slow muscle mass. Despite the difficulties, women are able to achieve amazing results in the formation of the body. To prove this fact, the annual competitions fitness bikini.

A rare woman just wants to pump the muscles of the body. Most girls wish to create attractive shapes and forms. This should control the number of occupations on the shoulders and hips, or the waist can visually be less noticeable, but the upper body is disproportionately large.

A woman will make body attractive uploaded view by performing the following exercises:

  • deadlifts;
  • squats;
  • pull-UPS;
  • push-UPS;
  • attacks legs.

To enhance the load applied weights or dumbbells.

The recommendations involved in fitness smokers

It is accepted that people engaged in sport do not smoke. In fact, many fitness enthusiasts remain loyal to bad habits.

Playing sports simultaneously with the cigarette Smoking is a health risk.

After intense exercise, the impact of toxic substances on the organism is enhanced. Addicted to nicotine people must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • do not smoke 2 hours before and 2 hours after a workout;
  • mandatory aerobic exercise, reducing the respiratory system of the body;
  • useful Jogging and swimming to increase lung capacity;
  • to prepare for the lack of progress – nicotine slows the recovery of the tissues, slowing the development of the musculature;
  • do not smoke after meals and at bedtime, the athlete is important to sleep and absorb maximum nutrients, and cigarettes worsen sleep, reduce food absorption.

These tips will not significantly improve or accelerate the formation of the body. But the harm from nicotine will be significantly less, immunity will increase. Perhaps, over time fitness can replace nicotine addiction.

Fitness is a great way to get a sports body, improve the body, be more attractive, more confident. But sports are changing, not 2-3 hours a week, and the whole way of life. Will have to review diet, sleep, habits. Exercises for men and women in the early stages should be different due to physiological differences. The beginner must be clear the purpose of fitness, learning new things, it is wise to evaluate physical strength

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