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Time of day to exercise: when is the best time to do fitness?

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Time of day to exercise: when is the best time to do fitness?
The contents

  • The benefits of exercise in the morning
  • The nuances of daily fitness workouts
  • Features of evening fitness classes

For most people the main criterion for selecting the time of day that is most convenient to exercise, is schedule. But if the work mode allows you to allocate a few hours for sports at any time from morning to evening, it is better to study the advantages and disadvantages of morning, afternoon and evening workouts to be the most optimal schedule.

The benefits of exercise in the morning

It is considered that fitness classes held early in the morning, energized for the whole day. Indeed, if the load is an adequate level of physical training and fitness program is made correctly, then after the morning exercises, the person feels energized and his mood improved by the development of specific hormones. In addition, conducting fitness training in the morning has a number of advantages over classes at a different time of day:

  • significantly accelerate the metabolic processes, allowing you to spend a large amount of calories during fitness classes, and throughout the following days. This fact explains the effectiveness and popularity of Jogging and other cardio among people who want to get rid of extra pounds;
  • exercise in the morning disciplinarum, strengthens will power and teaches organization. These qualities are extremely useful for achieving success not only in sports but in life;
  • early in the morning, much less distractions, so you can better focus on the technique exercises.

However, the morning training has its drawbacks, which are as follows:

  • people who used to stay up late and get up closer to noon, an early rise can cause stress. It will be difficult to adapt to such a regime, hence, a morning workout will do more harm than good;
  • after waking up muscle and connective tissues are not warmed up, therefore warm-up needs to be several times more intense than during fitness classes held at a different time;
  • if your planned weight training, you need to get up in advance to have your Breakfast. Otherwise the body will not be enough energy for complex work force;
  • too intense morning training can cause premature fatigue during the day.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of the morning fitness workouts, it can be concluded that they are suitable for people who are used to getting up early and would like using physical exercise to get rid of extra pounds.

The nuances of daily fitness workouts

Scientists who have studied the human biorhythms, it was found that the most productive time to exercise is 15.00-16.00. Those who are engaged in fitness at a specified time, have a significant head start over those who prefer to train in the morning or evening:

  • the muscles were a little heated at the expense of daily physical activity, so it is possible to shorten the warm-up;
  • the level of glycogen in muscle tissues and blood glucose is quite high;
  • after exercise, increases circulation, improves brain activity and increases efficiency;
  • physical activity can help to reduce stress levels;
  • during daylight hours the body entered the most productive mode of work, therefore increases stamina. This factor is especially important if you exercise in the exercises are of the nature of power.

The disadvantages of the sports held during the day include the following details:

  • a large number of distractions often makes it impossible to concentrate on performing exercises that may have a negative impact on the technique, and, therefore, efficiency of the training. In addition, distracted, you can get injured;
  • often we have to train in a certain time frame due to, for example, a lunch break. This creates some discomfort, forcing him to hurry and to exclude from the program some exercise movements, to reduce the number of repetitions or time allotted to rest;
  • it is difficult to observe the rule that you need to begin physical exercise for a couple of hours before eating and refrain from eating for the same period of time after training, because the afternoon just involves lunch.

Features of evening fitness classes

The peak attendance of gym is in the evening from 18.00 to 21.00. Most people involved in fitness, go to the gym immediately after working day. Such fitness workout have a number of advantages:

  • muscle and connective tissue well supplied with blood due to the high physical activity throughout the day. Even if that workout was spent a minimum of time, the risk of sports injuries is quite low;
  • evening fitness workout help to get rid of stress and tension in the body, accumulated over the entire day;
  • the energy reserves of the body allow you to train any orientation, but it is most favorable time to perform strength exercises.

To the negative features of the sports activities held in the evening, include the following:

  • after exercise often have problems with falling asleep and other sleep disorders. In this case you need either to revise the training schedule, or to change the kind of fitness that in both cases it is extremely uncomfortable;
  • the fatigue accumulated over the day can become an obstacle to additional physical stress. A person may not remain forces on full implementation of exercises;
  • people who have problems with motivation, can all day to come up with many excuses that prevent them from once again proceed to the fitness;
  • during the evening exercise harder to enhance the fat loss process, as the level of glucose in the blood during this period, maximum. For this reason, you have to train much longer than in any other time of the day, the process of glycolysis (the transformation of glucose into energy) was replaced by lipolysis — breakdown of fat cells, resulting in the formation of energy.

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