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Three, forcing the chest muscles to grow

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This article will be of interest to those whose breast muscles are underdeveloped and do not want to increase the standard training. Why is this happening? And what techniques can help to cope with this problem?

Why chest muscles are not growing?

Genetically any athlete one muscle group positively responds to the load, and the second is much less. For our example it is the chest.

In total, the effectiveness of the training is influenced by many factors. But the main one is a weak neuromuscular connection.

I.e. in the process of exercises aimed at the chest, feel weak her job or does not feel.

For clarity, we give a well known example with the bench press on the horizontal bench. It is a favorite exercise for athletes, because it is competing for power. However, it is not the most ideal for building chest muscles.

Perhaps someone will say, some athletes mainly using this and pumped up chest muscles. But remember the genetic characteristics means that these athletes chest it is easy to load. However, not everyone is so lucky in life. Let us examine some subtleties that will help to develop good backward muscles of the chest.

Techniques for building chest muscles
1.The slope of the bench

Working on the volume of the chest, should pay attention to the inclined presses (with barbells and dumbbell). The assertion that the horizontal bench press utilizes all beams, with inclined – mostly top beam of the chest muscle, partially correct.

With horizontal bench press athlete, usually working on the bottom of the chest with the shoulder. And with the press of a bar horizontally forms a bridge (i.e. you can easily slide your hand under the small of your back). Thanks to this bridge we are able to lift more weight at the expense of other muscle groups. Thus, the load on the muscles of the chest decreases.

To study the muscles of the chest, it is better to put the incline bench up 30 degrees. In this position changes the mechanics of movement, while the burden falls mainly on the chest. So the lagging part is working fully. A good workout feels like the top beam, and bottom, and middle.

2.Dumbbell bench press

A great solution is to use instead of the bench press dumbbell bench press lying. This is especially interesting for guys who have not a wide chest. In the exercises with dumbbells is important to maintain a large amplitude of motion in contrast to barbells.

Trembling chest must be maintained throughout the approach, and therefore at the top don’t need to straighten my hands at all. It is better to keep the elbow slightly bent and move without a break.

3.The bridge in the horizontal bench press

If you do not want to leave the horizontal presses, in this case, there is one solution. You must exclude the bridge, thus distributing the burden mainly on the muscles of the chest.

It’s easy: in the process of the exercise, raise your legs and bend at the knees (can put feet on a bench or keep the lower limbs crossed in the air). Thus, the loin is adjacent to the bench, pushing the barbell becomes difficult. Consequently, you cut the extra muscles from the exercises and focus 100% on chest. But bear in mind that this provision is used a working weight less than the classic bench press.

Tips reduce the gap between lagging pectoral muscles and the rest of the corset. Remember: you should train with maximal weights and maintaining the progression of the loads. Another tip: use a periodization in bodybuilding, to achieve greater progress in training and for recovery.

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