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“This is the end!” 10 signs that you’re a hypochondriac

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itches, turns around, shoots, stabs or whines. Swiss scientist Yom Bodtker suggests that hypochondriacs may be suffering from hypersensitivity of the internal organs, and to feel what a normal person feels. But evidence of this yet, but the feeling of “something wrong” is, moreover, a constant background thought of “do I have something wrong with my health” you are not leaving.

You put a diagnosis in Google

And if health is something we must immediately find out what! For cases hypochondriacs to Almighty Google has invented a special term — cyberchondria. And this, incidentally, is not a safe state: every third resident of Russia is engaged in the formulation of the diagnoses on the Internet, and some later decide that self-treatment will save them, because “doctors-killers”, of course, do not understand and they would just heal on death (optional: if only money to tear off, but would not work). The hypochondriacs it’s even worse: all the symptoms — it’s…

Any symptom is a symptom of the deadly disease

As they say, if you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that you’re not followed. With hypochondria the same: the hypochondriac and the truth can hurt, but the diagnostician from this: any disease is always very dangerous, incurable and fatal disease. Headache is certainly a brain tumor, and “helicopter” after a bottle of Prosecco, zapolirovat tequila – she; cough — in the best case, pneumonia or tuberculosis, but rather sarcoidosis (don’t Google it!); bloating is not yesterday’s sushi in action, and colorectal cancer, although it is possible that all ovarian cancer.

The main bugbear of the hypochondriac — a set of symptoms familiar to any adult working inhabitant metropolis: fatigue, fatigue, loss, or, conversely, increased appetite, irritability, insomnia and apathy. Usually, the correct diagnosis in this case — “all diseases of the nerves”, but a hypochondriac already know that he has cancer. Or AIDS. Or cellulitis of the entire headstock. It’s nothing that other symptoms yet: here is the white Russian in the international classification of diseases, tenth revision says: it’s lupus. Oh, hell, even lupus!

You always know what tests you need

After a hypochondriac will understand their diagnoses, he assigns his examination, and it never goes about banal analysis of a blood: no surrender is possible, will not be worse, but what is there to understand? Deadly diseases are not diagnosed! It is best to do an MRI of the whole body. Or at least brain. With the contrast.

You often go to the doctors

To actually beat one direction on these surveys because they no money is not enough — this time, and two — to interpret the survey results also possible in Google, but recipes for some reason he does not give (what an omission!). And deadly disease, of course, aspirin is not treated.

And now you have to go to the doctor as a job that, in essence, not bad: – UPS never hurt anyone. The problem is that you panic, when no terrible sores you have not discovered. Because it means that…

All doctors are incompetent

You really know what terrible disease you have, you just haven’t met with my Dr. house. And those doctors that you have visited, just incompetent: incorrectly conducted the survey, misinterpret the results, just do not know, because the Institute paid bribes, while on the job are not faced with anything more complex than a cold.

And here you have an appointment to some luminary of science for a lot of money, tormented during the two month wait, and when the Orb declares that you are healthy — are outraged, but what he can understand! He studied in those years when any disease is the imposition of cow dung cured!

You love to talk about their health

And jokes about queues in clinics not you laugh: any information can save you from a terrible death in agony, so it is better to tell everyone about your symptoms, and at the same time other people listen to — what if they the same thing?

If the body nothing happens — you listen to him

Endless self-diagnosis does not stop even when googling about the symptoms it is impossible: your body itself is a source of important information, the main thing — not to miss! What’s this in my stomach is grumbling? What’s this in my chest pressure (heart attack!)? But this mole was not there before — is it melanoma?! If the body suddenly shows no suspicious signals, you start to listen to it more actively, and — hoba! — here it is: feel sick and dizzy. In fact, it is psychosomatic: if to look carefully for the sign of illness, it will manifest itself — from the fact that you’re nervous in search of the elusive characteristic.

Are you ignoring symptoms that do not fit into the picture of personal Apocalypse

All the symptoms that refute your “diagnosis” for you, well, what hormones, according to the analyses, normal — face is swollen! Of course — myxedema (and then coma and death)! It’s just the tests are wrong: not in the lab passed, not the day cycle at the growing moon — and vlrp is it important? While critical thinking is cheating on you: the words of the highly skilled doctor is not important (bullshit!), a note from the newspaper “the folk healer” is taken for granted immediately because there are like written about you!

Do you really have the symptoms. Hypochondria

What you read above — the characteristics of hypochondria. And one more thing: you are always scared for your health. Anxiety is your background (can write “normal” because it is not normal). You suffer from their imaginary illness is real, because I do not believe that it is imaginary. And your conviction really prevents you to live.

And another thing: as mentioned above, hypochondria is a disorder psihosomaticheskoy. That is, it causes these failures in the physiological mechanisms. You have actually hurts, aches, hurts, itches, and so on. It’s not visibility, but the real symptoms. Not only that, what you’re thinking and hypochondria. Which, incidentally, is very easy to get rid of in the office of the therapist.

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