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This is temporary: 6 non-obvious signs of imminent birth

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1. Tube

This viscous secretion that covers the cervix. When the cervix softens and prepares to release the child, the tube departs, and can be seen when visiting the toilet. It so happens that it leaves the body in small pieces, and then it is untraceable. But know that cork is not an indication that labor will start right now — they may not happen for another two weeks.

2. Stomach problems

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea may be caused not by indigestion, and hormonal surge, when the body rejects the excess hormones. However, if you are becoming dehydrated, had a temperature or symptoms do not disappear for more than a day, it is better to consult a doctor.

3. Lower back pain

Contractions don’t always start in the abdomen. Sometimes with numbness of the back or feet. In this case, is applied to the affected area warmer.

4. Breeding

Bird this term refers to the desire of many women to arrange accommodation for a few days before delivery. Clean the chandelier? Wash the surface of the cabinets? May soon have to go to the hospital. By the way, with the associated nesting tips of our grandmothers “hang the Laundry will start a fight”, and not because of excess movements, the body will decide to begin the process.

5. Changes in behavior of Pets

Pets sometimes feel like a new baby coming, and change behavior. So affectionate, the dog can spend more time alone, and lonely will be more coming.

6. Emotionalism

Some of it accompanies the entire pregnancy, but by the end of the increases. If you become demanding in the details — expect a speedy delivery. Tears, anger, lack of energy — all this may indicate that the pregnancy will be over soon.

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