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sitting on a diet, frustrated, nervous… And then wonder: why again delay for a few days? Unfortunately, with the pace of modern life, the female body begins to respond to any stimuli and what we think in General common, may affect the regularity of the cycle. Here, for example, a few obvious factors:

1. Emotions. Experiences unwanted emotions may well be the reason for the delay. And the most difficult-it is not a one-time stress, and chronic feelings that for a long time subjected to the body load.


Help in dealing with stress can be a regular practice of meditation and yoga. Every girl is useful to spend a few hours a day with myself and to put in order their thoughts. Or psychologists offering to “seize” the stress with exercise and better in the fresh air.

2. Vacation. It would seem that vacation, and even the sea when you can relax on a sun lounger under the noise of the rolling waves, what could be better for the nervous system and the whole organism. However, women’s hormonal balance is very sensitive to any external and internal changes, and jet lag (especially if the time difference is more than 4-5 hours) or climate conditions (you’re flying from winter to summer) load is not easy. It is believed that all the fault of acclimatization: the body needs time and energy to adapt to a new temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity. In this case, the period can be delayed for 5-7 days or, conversely, to start earlier.


To minimize the effects of jet lag in advance to prepare your body for the journey. On the eve of departure to drink plenty of water to maintain optimal water and salt balance, reduce portions and not tight there before departure. In any case, you cannot immediately run to bask in the sun, trying to hurry to get the coveted chocolate skin tone. You need to give your body to get used to the new climate and advise physicians, sunbathing on the beach in less extreme for our body clock. Unfortunately, the majority of tourists covered themselves with a decent layer of sunscreen, believe that they are not and ignore this simple Council.

3. Diet. A good figure is every girl’s dream! But those who use strict diet to be in shape, often depriving themselves of important nutrients. For correct operation of the female body requires a balanced diet — proteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates. When the important elements are lacking, the cycle can be broken. In addition, a number of nutrients that is underpaid as a result of diet, is a building material for the body to produce female hormones. That strays so fragile hormonal balance and as a consequence — and the cycle.


Do not choose too strict diet full of prohibitions and restrictions. Has hundreds of times proven sudden weight loss and change in diet gives only temporary effect and then extra pounds again. It is better to make a choice in favor of a correct and balanced diet without severely restricting calories.

4. Fitness. High physical load may cause irregular menstruation. The fact is that the body has a “limit mode”. When you have too hard on the reproductive function simply does not remain forces. And then the cycle can become irregular.


To start training gradually increasing the load as much. To give the body a chance to relax from stress and to recover for the next session. Here important more regular employment than their intensity.

Certainly, it is not all the factors that can have an impact on such a fragile hormonal balance and in this case, such an irregular cycle. If your cycle is prone to instability or PMS making adjustments in your life, in this case it is better the body to provide additional support by protecting yourself from the unexpected.

The powerful support you can become natural ingredients — herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals. All of them have been collected in the Lady’s biocomplex formula Personal monthly system, which contains 9 vitamins, 3 trace elements, gamma-linolenic acid (omega-6) and 8 medicinal plant extracts and most importantly — no hormones!

Biocomplex corresponds to the phase of the menstrual cycle, therefore, in a package 2 blisters with different tablets: some are taken out monthly, and others — during mensis. The first formula for taking out periods, eliminates PMS symptoms, helps to combat nervousness and mood swings.

The second formula for admission during menstruation, normalizes the menstrual cycle, eliminates cyclic pain, until the complete rejection of analgesics!

Vitamin B6 and magnesium, part of the biocomplex, will help to cope with stress and unnecessary worries. Vitamin B6 is involved in the synthesis of the “happiness hormone” — serotonin, which is responsible for good mood and restful sleep. And magnesium — the most important anti-stress minerals. It calms the nervous system, increases efficiency, improves concentration, reduces symptoms of stress, and normalizes sleep.

Vitamin a, vitamin E and wild Yam extract and normalize the cycle, eliminate the symptoms of PMS.

Gotu-Kola and gamma-linolenic acid — a real find for lovers of diets! Gotu-Kola has a mild diuretic effect, and thus, save you from swelling, and weight gain. And gamma-linolenic acid promotes the accelerated breakdown of fat and inhibits the formation of adipose tissue. For the piece, do not worry!

Fatty acids omega-6 — essential elements for the health of the female body. These substances are not synthesized in the body, and you can get them only from the outside, with food or supplements. Omega-6 is able to activate lipid metabolism and thus normalize the cycle.

Non-hormonal help. Contained in the composition biocomplex phytoestrogens — natural analogues of hormones, allow to do without hormonal therapy, the consequences of which are so afraid of all girls.

Lady’s formula Personal monthly system

Allow yourself to enjoy life, not referring to the calendar!

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