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Only proper nutrition

Things instead of promises: 8 simple steps to sports and proper nutrition

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1. Plank 2-3 times per week

Instead of vague promises to make the figure look more sporty choose what you need most. Plank strengthens core muscles and provides a good base for further training.

You should start small: half a minute in the bar at arm’s length, half a minute on my elbows. It is useful to do it in front of the mirror to mark your progress.

2. Plan your workouts every week

Determine how many times you can actually do, and make a new schedule for each week. It’s easier than putting on a big long-term goal.

3. Do morning exercises

Dedicate her a few minutes after waking up — and you’ll feel better. But at the same time I Wake up.


4. Make one meal vegetable

Many people do not eat enough veggies, but it is good for health.

5. Cook meals for a few days

Difficult to go on a proper diet, if you have to cook every day, you don’t want — and in the end you eat harmful products. Boil a large pot of soup, bake a big piece of meat — and the problem of food for 3 days solved.

6. Drink less alcohol

Allow yourself to drink alcohol on weekends, and not every day and will soon notice positive changes in health.

7. Eat foods with probiotics

For example, yogurt. For a healthy stomach is also very beneficial fermented food and beverages (sauerkraut, kimchi, Kombucha infusion).

8. Eat one less sweetness

Many people want to stop eating sugar, but few people get. And it is not necessary to give up everything at once! Replace one sweetness to something useful — the first step is taken.

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