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These excuses do not justify you

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Why don’t you do sports? You’re too tired to work, earn little and later freed? Thousands of people across the planet every day using the same justification as you.

If the reason you don’t exercise, included in this list, it is not the cause but the excuse. Thousands of people are daily referred to the same causes. Know that these excuses do not justify you.

I don’t have time to train

Studies show that exercising for health promotion should not be energy-intensive and lengthy. For example, to strengthen the cardiovascular system enough for 15 minutes of training a day.

I don’t know how to train

To begin to start to move – walk, run, swim, and you’ll know if you need higher loads. If for you important fact the professional organization of classes, then turn to the services of a coach. Specialist in the field of fitness will be a training program and nutrition plan, you will only have to follow it.

I can’t train

I want to say that you’re in too bad shape, to exercise and get in shape? You don’t aim high in the sport, just be physically active to the best of their ability. Any sport and any exercise that involves the variation for the beginner, fitness is not less variable. Moreover, all who come to fitness, are not in the best physical condition.

Training hurt and endanger

Selected according to the level of development of the training will not be at risk of injury receives the one who seeks to jump over your head. As for pain, fitness and sport can bring discomfort, but this price cannot be considered high. Physical activity protect against diseases, many of which hurt much more.

I’m too tired at work

So say those who can not appreciate all the advantages of training and considers them as an additional unnecessary burden. Physical activity on a regular basis makes the body more resilient, after a couple of months of fitness classes you will begin to notice that tired at work much less.

Train too expensive

The minimum contribution for training is a pair of sports shoes, many exercises can be carried out without it. Buying a pair of shoes is not so high price for those prospects.

If you think that the sport is expensive, try to estimate the cost of treatment that will be required for sedentary lifestyle.
I’m too old for training

For men after the age of 45 years and women after the age of 55 years physical activity becomes more important than in previous years. The rate of aging, loss of strength and mental abilities depends on how active you are. With proper dosing load the sport has no age restrictions.

I don’t believe that sports will help me

One can argue endlessly about the existence of Bigfoot, the Easter Bunny, and other facts that cannot be verified. In order not to believe in the word, it is necessary to try the effect of physical activity on yourself. Already through the first month of sport will be evident health benefits, they will convince the most hardened skeptic.

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