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The worst myths about weight loss

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Weight loss is hard, especially if you start not from scientific evidence but from myths and legends. This is the worst myths about weight loss, if you still believe that you will never be able to lose weight.


To lose excess weight is difficult, especially in a world where so much misinformation. If you build your weight loss program based on misconceptions, it will not lead to success. Weight loss is an insidious and lucrative region, some legends are started specifically, they have commercial implications. Nutrition is a very complex science by reading a few articles, you will become the expert, but your level will be slightly higher after you stop believing in these misconceptions.

To lose weight, you need to practice a lot

In the view of many workouts for weight loss have to be so grueling that you crawled out of the hall half alive. In order to lose weight, do not need a radical training regimen, we need a systematic load a sufficient amount. Of course, for weight loss you have to exercise, but intense hour walk can do more good than several hours of grueling work in the gym, after which going to hurt to move for a week.

Drinking water is the Foundation of weight loss

Unconditional, sufficient drinking water promotes weight loss, furthermore, water is essential to body health. But from the perspective of weight loss drinking regime is only a small part of the picture, it will not work without proper diet and exercise.

All the pills for weight loss dangerous

Not to believe in one remedy for weight loss is just as extreme as to believe in each offer. Before you draw conclusions, you need to examine the composition and action of specific tools.

For weight loss need to give up fats

Many believe that the key to weight loss used low-fat products, but it’s not.

If a product is low in fat, it does not mean that it is low in calories.

Besides fats perform important functions in the human body, without them you won’t lose weight as food ceases to be nutritious, you will be forced to eat more or to suffer from hunger.

Proper nutrition is expensive

This argument everyone has heard people say that you can’t lose weight due to the fact that they do not have enough money for proper nutrition. The most useful products are low cost – it’s whole grains, seasonal vegetables and fruit, besides many useful products are available year round in frozen form and at a low price. Thus, attempts to rely on low income are excuses, the same budget on food can be spent in different ways.

For weight loss need to give up entire food groups

On this principle, built many diets – some are called to completely abandon fats or carbs, others to eat only proteins. No healthy diet will not be forced to abandon a whole group of products, because the body begins to suffer from lack of nutrients. Good diet for weight loss make balanced meals, adjusts the volume of consumption of fats and carbohydrates, but not forced to give them up completely.

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