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The world’s most popular dash diet, which will help to lose weight and not to recover

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American scientists from the National Institute of heart, lung, and blood convinced that the more you move and eat less junk food, the faster will go the extra kilos. Surprised! But as you know, all new — well forgotten old. The essence of the dash diet is a balanced diet that includes proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. The stop list includes chocolate, fast food, fatty, salty, smoked products, bakery and confectionery, sugary drinks and alcohol. In addition, dash diet there are a few rules:

1. be careful with the fats that are required to be in your daily diet. For example, vegetable or olive oil can be added to salads, but one tablespoon will be enough;

2. do not abruptly abandon the salt. Do it gradually, reducing your minimum to half of a tea box in a day. Believe me, after a week you start to feel the true taste of the food, which is just like you;

3. if you do become a vegetarian, that’s fine. But to mock and to suffer need: I want to eat meat — OK, but not more than 200 g per day. And let it be lean. Cook it on the grill (without oil), steamed or otvorili. Most importantly — do not fry!

4. there are several times a day, plus snacks, which should be mandatory. But it’s not sweets, chocolate or cakes, and a handful of dried fruit, nuts, some fruit or natural yogurt;

5. by the way, hot spices better too clean in the drawer;

6. be sure to study the composition of the products that you buy. Fill the diet with foods that normalize blood pressure and digestion (mussels, octopus, squid);

7. fat dairy products replace fat-free, there is no options. And an hour before bedtime (every day) drink a glass of kefir (1% fat);

8. and even in your diet should appear: fish, vegetables, legumes, greens, fruits (but not grapes and a banana!) and whole grains.

If you look closely, the list of what can be — great! So try to make yourself such a menu, it was varied, but some days can be duplicated. And best of all: stick to the dash diet you need only six days, and on the seventh (and this may not be necessarily Sunday) you can eat anything, but from the list of approved products. Still about pepperoni pizza and a coke will have to forget, at least for a while.

Menu for the week:

Monday and Thursday

Breakfast: a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, oatmeal with raisins or strawberries. If the hunger will still get to you, you can eat one green Apple.
Snack: bread with a slice of chicken breast (or Turkey) with lettuce and slice of tomato.
Lunch: codfish baked with lemon, baked beans and vegetable salad with a teaspoon of olive oil.
Snack: any fruit, but remember that bananas and grapes are banned.
Dinner: vegetable soup with a slice of whole grain bread or crackers.
Before bed: glass of nonfat yogurt.

Tuesday, Friday

Breakfast: a glass of fresh Apple juice, whole grain cereal, filled a glass of skim milk, bread with bran and curd.
Snack: yogurt, orange or pear.
Lunch: spaghetti with Parmesan (or any other hard, not too fat cheese), Basil and tomato. If you want, then make a salad with greens.
Snack: any fruit.
Dinner: boiled potatoes, baked with lean beef.
Before bed: glass of nonfat yogurt.

Wednesday, Saturday

Breakfast: milk buckwheat porridge, a sandwich with low-fat piece of cheese or butter.
Snack: handful walnuts, pine nuts or almonds.
Lunch: braised vegetable stew, a piece of boiled chicken breast and some brown rice.
Snack: any fruit or a little skim (crumbly) cheese.
Dinner: vegetable salad with a teaspoon of olive oil and a high content of greens.
Before bed: glass of nonfat yogurt.


Yay! Did you get to the day when there is no strict menus. But remember, thepresence — in the black list.

We offered you a sample menu that you can vary, while remaining within the permitted limits. And don’t forget to drink clean water. On the volumes — there are scientists opinions differ, but if its going to be about two liters a day, definitely not worse. And in your main program must receive the training — 3-4 sessions per week (cardio or strength, dance — whatever!) or regular 30-minute walk in the fresh air, so in the end you found about 8000 steps. If the number on the pedometer will be more then just fine.

If you observe all these recommendations, excess weight will leave quickly, will have more strength and energy. And the skin is reflected in the good sense of the word — the complexion will be like after a day at sea.

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