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The world record in the bench press

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The record for bench barbell — the dream of every PageWriter. Partly justified, because it is a tacit indication of strength among weightlifters. Therefore, the record sought by many, but for demonstration regularly established competitions, which are prepared in advance.

Many athletes come to powerlifting, to set the coveted world record for the bench press, and all the training dedicated to the preparation for competitions.

In the last decade the sport has become more popular, so to speak, “in the trend”. A healthy lifestyle, the spirit of competition, dedication gave birth to a new sports culture, popularized by powerlifting. Set new records, including records in the bench press on the gear and without. The speed with which they succeed each other, erecting a pedestal for all the new names — enormous.

The chest press in the gear

This kind of bench is the most interest. Perhaps because most of the weight is allowed to reap in this kind of competitions. This contributes to equipment used by athletes: belt, t-shirts, wrist straps. These devices do not allow to relax muscles, keeping them in the assembled, stressed condition. Through this resource, focusing on one action state to set records, to take the unimaginable weight that are athletes.

The first in the history of sports world record for the bench press was set by American Paul Anderson in 1957. It was unheard of until then 280 kg. by the Way, interesting fact — Anderson has specialized exclusively in the squat with a barbell, and set a record in the bench press is not really sought.

Further, when the interest in this type of press has increased, the record succeeded each other with truly incredible speed.

In 2003, he was overcome the threshold of 400 kg. American athlete Jean Rylak managed to squeeze out 408 lbs. At that time it was simply unthinkable. But as time went on, and some records were replaced by others. Quite a long time world record in the bench press in equipment re-installed athlete from North America Ryan Kennely, vyyavleno 487,6 kg.

The bench press without equipment

Here the weight yield to be honest, avoiding the use of assistive devices. This is a real victory of the body over the weight of the projectile. Only force of will, thirst for victory and muscles. The competition in this type of regime has its origins in the 50-ies of the last century. In 1953 was established the first world record — Doug Hepburn was able to lift 263 kg. Then the records, as usual, were followed by one another.

Until 2007, the record was Scott Mendelson raised 324,5 kg (by the way, for a short time he was setting a record in the bench press in the outfit, but was bypassed Kennel). At the moment an absolute achievement for the bench press belongs to the Russian athlete Kirill Sarychev, vyyavleno 335 kg.

Women in the bench press

We won’t ignore the female half. The beautiful half of humanity does not want to take positions in not a women’s sport, and also gained their victory. In 1994, American athlete Tamara Rainwater-Grimwood took weight 182,5 kg (body weight of 82.5 kg). After the threshold of 180 kg are unable to overcome any of the athlete.

There is also a record among girls up to 14 years. Russian athlete Maryana Naumova at the age of 11 managed to squeeze 60 kg in bench press without equipment. For this achievement she received the title of “the strongest girl in the world”. Since it was established 14 world records. And in 2016 the girl set a new world record for the bench press with a weight of 150 kg. Mariana entered the Book of records of Russia, it is considered to be serious athletes. In 2104 she was an only child, privileged to carry the Olympic torch.

Bench for all

These competitions became popular among people with disabilities. Iranian of Siamand Rahman became the champion, lifting the weight of 290 kg. considering their efforts, he did it with some ease, giving to understand that the weight is not the limit of its capabilities. And, despite the disease of the musculoskeletal apparatus, athlete chained to a wheelchair, Rahman plans to take 350, and 400 kg.

The General view was that current and past Champions in the bench press, to achieve high results is possible only by hard work and perseverance. And we have no reason not to believe them.

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