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The wide grip pullups

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Pull-up wide grip on the bar exercises from gymnastics, which is megosztani. It is working the muscles of the back, biceps and forearms. Those who have a lot of catching up, have a broad back and narrow waist. This movement is quite difficult to give beginners and those whose weight is large. The representatives of light weight categories are tightened with a load attached to the belt. To catch up at any age, it is one of the first exercises in the physical training of the child or adolescent. The movement creates pressure on the spine, therefore can be carried with posture. Contrary to popular belief, girls also available the exercise, you just have to exert a little more effort in the learning process.

The contents

  • 1 Technique exercises
    • 1.1 starting position
    • 1.2 Movement
    • 1.3 Recommendations
  • 2 embodiments
    • 2.1 Wide grip behind the head
  • 3 Analysis exercises
    • 3.1 Anatomy: what muscles work in an exercise
    • 3.2 Advantages
    • 3.3 Disadvantages
  • 4 Preparing to exercise
  • 5 How to perform
  • 6 Errors
  • 7 Tips for efficiency
  • 8 inclusion in the program
  • 9 Contraindications

Technique exercises

Original position

Pull-up wide grip occurs on the bar or in the crossover. If you get to the crossbar hard, you can climb it with a partner or a support, or “jump”.

For bodybuilding it is preferable to use the help of a partner or prop, so that is exactly to place the hands on the bar, and develop the muscles symmetrically.

For the initial position you need to:

  • Hang on the bar top wide grip, placing his hands on same distance from the imaginary axis passing through the center of the body;
  • Use the top closed (not monkey) grip;
  • Completely straighten your elbows;
  • To relax the shoulder girdle so that the widest was in the extended position;
  • Bend your back;
  • Feet you can simply straighten, or cross, with rear


  • With a powerful exhale necessary to perform pulling, that is, simultaneous bending of the arms at the elbows with their lowering, and movement of the chest to the bar;
  • Must shoulder blades, and pull elbows to sides as if performing pull of the upper block;
  • At the climax of the chest should almost touch the bar, or stay in almost.
  • Upstairs linger for a few seconds and the maximum strain the muscles of the back;
  • Should fall smoothly and not jerk, gradually relaxing the muscles;
  • In the same technique performed all of the planned approaches and repetitions


  • It is an error to attempt to start only the power of the biceps, relaxed back. A pull-up wide grip in this technique is difficult, and the aim of the exercise is not achieved, as in chin-UPS wide grip, we are trying to work out the biceps not so much how much the widest;
  • Don’t need too sharply to catch up, trying to hit his chest on the crossbar, and throw the body down. Kipping and butterfly do not develop back muscles to the extent in which “strict” chin-UPS wide grip;
  • Laying her chin on the crossbar – not only a technical error, but rather traumatic way to catch up. For “offset” repetition enough to touch chest to the bar.


  • The conscious stabilization of the housing – a reliable way to avoid “Kipping” and the pendulum effect. Inertial motion increases the load on the ligament-articular apparatus, and remove it from the muscles. It may cause injury, or lack of a pronounced result in terms of pumping muscles;
  • Starting position after each repetition must be accepted completely. Straighten elbows, shoulders relax, your back takes a position in which the Assembly of the blades becomes possible;
  • No need to keep the elbows along the body in a straight path, not to displace the load in the hands. This is not only a technical error, but more traumatic situation for shoulder

Wide grip behind the head

This option is suitable for people with a good range of motion in the shoulders. It shifts the load on diamond-shaped, trapezoidal and circular muscle of the shoulder. This beautiful building pulling the shoulders in men, but not recommended for those who have already faced the trauma of the rotator cuff.

Analysis exercises

Anatomy: what muscles work in an exercise

Pulling – integrated basic exercise. The main focus of the load take on the latissimus dorsi. To build a powerful “wings” with pull-UPS wide grip is a relatively simple task.

Additionally, the exercise works:

  • The lower segment of the big pectoral muscles;
  • Pair of round muscles;
  • Of the forearm;
  • Biceps;
  • Rear Delta;
  • Trapezoid and rhomboid


The movement allows you to not just build muscular corset, but comprehensively develops strength. It builds the basis for all known strength exercises can improve results in the power sports and helps to get rid of problems with posture.

To perform pull-UPS wide grip need the most simple tools – the horizontal bar. He is in every room, on any platform, anywhere. Pulling up allows you to build a truly broad and powerful back without the use of complex equipment. This is an exercise “old school” of bodybuilding, which is both tough and functional.


A pull-up wide grip can only fairly strong people. Beginners most often the movement is not available. For those who have excess weight also have easy. The exercise requires concentration and training. It’s hard enough to run it, just came for the first time in a gym.

According to electromyography, this movement is not the most effective for the widest choice, though most athletes and coaches say otherwise. Exercise has to match with the rods in the slope in order to build an impressive back.

Preparation for exercise

Pulling is often the first exercise in the back training for a beginner. So have to start with a good General warm up. It includes aerobic activity, rotational movements in all joints in good amplitude, and if a person had an injury a couple of easy approaches in a block training simulator for a spin.

For a healthy athlete just enough to hang on the bar. It is important to approach the exercise responsibly, and don’t take the first approach without the joint warm-up.

How to perform

  • The movement is due to the work of the broadest muscles of the back, activated by the simultaneous movement of both elbows. This helps to isolate the working muscle group and to avoid active biceps pull;
  • Work the elbows should be strictly in one path, without break, and any distortions and irregularities;
  • The blades must be pulled to the spine, to optionally include the back muscles, and to avoid overstrain of the cervical;
  • To avoid buildup and too “soft spins” will help the proper distribution of breaths. You can take a breath and breath to catch up. This will allow to actively engage the muscles, and to avoid unnecessary movements;
  • During operation it is necessary to completely return to its original position to start the next iteration with slightly bent elbows, so as not to transfer the load to other muscle groups;
  • It is important not to allow the vise head shoulders was “tilted” forward when pulling up the shoulder joint is worked in the natural amplitude


Technical error in pulling up wide grip variety. Include “small”, i.e. a small amplitude, rise, and too much buildup of the body, aftershocks and active feet. Any swings, inertial motion and attempts to push the body to the bar, and not rise to it at the expense of muscle strength was regarded as a violation of equipment.

It is not recommended to catch up with a relaxed back, performing the main motion only by the force of arms, namely the biceps. Used in gymnastics and crossfit pull-UPS in an elliptical path the “Kipping” classic-bodybuilding is considered a technical error.

Outdoor grip, that is, the position of the fingers when the thumb is on the fretboard from above, is considered a technical error in streetlighting and workout, but refers to this in the context of normal muscle pump. Another thing is the position of the fingers overloads the forearms and forced to carry out unnecessary work.

Motion in a small amplitude of the pumping muscles of the back, they only strengthen the biceps, but wide simply “does not reach the load.” The application of this technical procedure leads to the fact that the person is not trains the muscles of the back, and engaged in self-deception.

Tips for efficiency

Representatives of power sports, you can catch up on the extender or the neck of a larger diameter to not just work the muscles, but to strengthen the grip. The excretion of feet forward will help to achieve the desired tilt of the body, and facilitate tightening. In practice, not all people manage to catch up in the wide position of the hands without pain, many are forced to use a more narrow grip in which the load is partially shifted to the pectoral muscles and lower segments of the widest back muscles.

Exercise can be facilitated if to compensate for part of the effort by means of fixing legs of a rubber band, or run it in the gravitron. If the goal is to learn to catch up, the rubber band is a preferred option. With her a person will be able to fix the body steadily and quickly enough to gain the correct trajectory. Gravitron is designed more for fitness, someone who has great weight, and as a replacement for the classic pull-UPS for those customers who do not aim to develop muscular strength.

Inclusion in the program

Usually for those whose priority is bodybuilding and not improving in the snatch, clean and jerk, or deadlift, the chin-up with weight or without it – the first exercise training program. Occurs in 3 or more working approaches of 10-15 repetitions. If the athlete can perform more than 15 reps, add weight weights on the belt, or to run in a weighted vest.

Pulling performed in conjunction with rods for the back and other exercises that promote muscle development.


It is considered that contraindicated a pull-up wide grip with intervertebral hernia, injuries of shoulder joints and elbows and fingers hands and wrists. Regarding hernias, there is no consensus, there is the position that the activity is no axial load, and therefore, pull-UPS no problem can not arise.

Otherwise, it is enough to catch up 1-2 times a week to get a positive effect from exercise.

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