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“The view from below”, or What you need to know about the health of the reproductive system

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many gynecological diseases can early be asymptomatic or manifest itself so minor changes, women don’t pay attention to them. And only a doctor can time to notice all the details — even when it is not about the disease, but the predisposition to it. Make notes in your calendar and be sure to sign up for a consultation once a year, even if nothing ever bothers you.

The test for HPV: what is it?

This is one of the basic screening tests recommended to be done once a year to diagnose precancerous lesions and cervical cancer. The human papillomavirus is one of the most popular in the world, and there are more than 100 varieties. Some of them are quite harmless and do not affect the health and quality of life, and some can cause cancer. The virus is most commonly transmitted by sexual contact, and it is believed that its carriers is up to 80% of the adult population. The HPV test allows to detect the virus and evaluate risks.

HPV vaccination: who needs it?

The human papilloma virus manifests itself not only in the form of unpleasant growths on the skin. Some types of the virus infect the female and male sex organs and can cause cancer. Vaccination avoids complications in the form of malignant tumors.

The first vaccine is recommended to boys and girls older than nine years. But most often the vaccine is adolescents 12-13 years of age, prior to sexual activity. In many countries (e.g. USA, Austria, Australia, New Zealand), programmes of mass vaccination of adolescents funded by the state. In Russia, the HPV vaccine is still not included in the national calendar, but this does not mean that do not need it. In those countries (Australia, Denmark, Finland), where mass vaccination has started in 2007 already reduced the incidence of cervical cancer.

In addition, doctors recommend to take root in young, sexually active women up to 25-26 years, and even older women. The fact that the risk of acquisition of HPV-infection remains as long as a woman leading a sexual life. A vaccination as adults, can protect a woman against infection with the types of viruses that she has not yet encountered, and also reduce the risk of recurrent HPV-related diseases.

In the Clinics MEDSI use officially registered in the Russian Federation the vaccine against human papillomavirus infection: “Gardasil” and “Cervarix”. Make an appointment by phone: +7 (495) 152-55-46.

But if surgery is needed?

Unfortunately, there are situations when without operation not to manage. And there can be only two main advice: not to delay the operation if it is necessary and to choose the clinic and the doctors who work on modern technologies.

In clinics, the GROUP carried out emergency and planned operations of any complexity. And to 90% is an endoscopic intervention through the punctures not larger than 10 mm. This approach allows to reduce the recovery period, to reduce the risks of complications and — what also important — will not leave scars. Only a trace of small punctures!

In MEDSI have the ability to do simultaneous operations: it means that both are up to five operations for diseases of various organs. For example, removal of fibroids and polyps. This reduces the load on the body and less traumatized tissue.

What can aesthetic gynecology?

This is a new direction in gynecology, which is heard not all. But gynecological surgery can solve a lot of problems. More and more women pay attention to the aesthetic disadvantages (e.g. caused by childbirth, trauma, age-related changes). Sometimes because of this evolving complexes, which often lead to problems in sexual life. Meanwhile, many aesthetic flaws in the intimate area is now easily amenable to correction.

So, in the clinical hospital of the GROUP on Pyatnitskoe highway experienced doctors can correct age-related changes of the skin of the perineum and of the vaginal mucosa, clean the asymmetry of the genital organs and cicatricial changes after childbirth and operations, to hold intimate bleaching and intimate contour plastic.

But if there is no time?

The latest technology, MTS teamed up with the experts of the GROUP, to make medicine more affordable. Especially for those who postpones consultation with a doctor due to lack of time created by SMART-MED — online-the continuation of a Federal network of clinics MEDSI. Online consultations are only practicing qualified doctors, candidates and doctors of medical Sciences.

You can sign up for scheduled online appointment, to get emergency medical assistance or to share with the doctor documents and test results. You don’t have to spend time on the road, and the quality of treatment ensures MEDSI.

Give your loved ones health care!

For examinations and consultations by various experts in the network of clinics MEDSI you can not only register itself. All that you can give to those you care about. With a gift card MEDSI someone you love, will be available to all modern medical services.

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