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The use of sports nutrition in the martial arts

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The use of sports nutrition in the martial arts

The use of sports nutrition in the martial arts has its own specifics. In this sport, the emphasis is on speed of reaction, strength, and mental stability. The main load is exposed to the muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body. Also, during combat training and competition martial artists experience constant psychological stress.

In such conditions, the body requires additional support. To preserve health and to achieve good results, it is important to follow the right diet. The daily protein intake should be at least 2 g/kg body weight of the athlete and carbs – about 10 g/kg of body weight.

Martial artists during the battles lose a lot of energy: about 5000 calories a day. Expended energy need in a timely manner to compensate as the loss of water, vitamins and minerals. In addition, martial artists need to stay within his weight class. Using only diet is difficult to maintain the desired weight and ensure adequate protein to compensate for the loss of energy, glycogen, macro – and micronutrients.

Creatine as a Supplement diet for martial artists

Protein-carbohydrate mixture (weight gainers) help to stay at the desired weight and recover faster after intensive exercise. It is better to use a weight gainer with high protein content.

The glycogen consumed during exercise, can be restored by using sports drinks. They also allow you to compensate for fluid loss.

Protein – sports nutrition for muscle building

Protein as a sports nutrition suited to martial artists who want to keep weight or lose weight without losing muscle mass. It is best to take casein or whey protein. More likely to drink casein before bed. As it has for a long period of assimilation, the body will get proteins for several hours.

Amino acids are multifunctional substances

For the rapid recovery of the body and maintain muscle mass suitable amino acids. Complexes of amino acids produced in a convenient form – tablets, capsules, and sometimes liquid solutions or syrups. It is easy to carry them with you and take enough to drink water. But you need to monitor the dosage, typically, the amino acid content in the pill is not one hundred percent. In addition complexes have a supplements of certain combinations of amino acids (e.g., BCAA), as well as one amino acid, such as L-carnitine, which is useful in that it breaks down fat.

Supplements for maintaining health and vitality

The martial artists need to take care of your joints and ligaments. There will a sports food containing collagen, chondroitin, glucosamine. We should not forget about vitamins and minerals. They are heavily used during muscular work and recovery period.

From among a pre-workout complexes grapplers will fit those that do not contain creatine. It keeps muscle water, which may deprive them the ease and affect the force of impact. Therefore it is better to buy a complex with a minimum of creatine, but with enough caffeine. This stimulant increases reaction speed, gives strength and vigor.

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