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The universal exercise is squats with dumbbells

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In any integrated training, much attention is paid to the hips and buttocks. Girls dream of slender legs and butt – “nut”, whereas boys tend to their strength and muscle development.

One of the primary exercises for legs and stomach are squats. There are many techniques and variations. To add variety in training is necessary because the muscle fibers used to the workload. Modified exercises allow you to shift the focus on a deeper study of lagging muscles.

The purpose of the exercise

Squats with dumbbells is a very effective exercise. The extra weight allows you to increase the load and use secondary muscles. The ability to adjust the weight makes the exercise relevant to girls, and for boys. Indeed, depending on the increase/decrease of the number of repetitions and approaches to the change of load can be achieved as weight loss and growth of muscles.

Squats with dumbbells are classified as the basic exercises. This means that in addition to the main muscles, which account for a large part of the loads is activated in many secondary.

As with the classic squats we worked out the front of the thigh and buttocks. Core muscles – the quads (aka 4-headed muscle) and the gluteus Maximus. As a minor in the works include:

  • muscles of the abdomen: direct and oblique fibers
  • muscles back of the thigh,
  • extensors of vertebral column,
  • a-line.
  • Thanks to dumbbells, we will also use the Delta and biceps.

    Squats with dumbbells, though indirectly, but also affect the calf muscle. Thus, we develop not only muscles, but also strengthening the Achilles tendon.

    How to squat with dumbbells: get the rules the run

    To connect to work all these muscles and injury prevention it is necessary to properly squat. The described exercise is similar in technique with conventional squats. Feature is the presence of additional weight.

    How to squat with dumbbells (classic version):

  • Starting position: stand with legs shoulder-width apart, and feet parallel relative to each other. Take the shells up and down at your sides, palms toward you. The back is straight. Gaze forward.
  • Inhale and bend your knees and descend until the buttocks parallel with the floor. Knees should not protrude over the socks, to unfold to him. The hands are lowered along the torso. The back is not bent, but slightly lean forward to maintain balance.
  • On the exhale, push your heels and rise back to the provision of paragraph 1. Feet not recommended to straighten completely. Leave them slightly bent at the knees.
  • Beginners will be sufficient 8 – 12 squats, 3 sets each. Start with light weight shells.
  • Notes for a more productive exercise:

  • It is recommended to squat to thighs parallel with the floor, and not lower (especially when you have knee injuries). So you will not harm the joints.
  • The body weight transferred on your toes. At the bottom they done push.
  • The head to keep straight, not to look at the floor or at parties.
  • It is important to follow the rhythm of breathing: inhale when lowering, exhale (done by force) when lifting.
  • The torso collapses forward, but even back leans slightly to maintain balance.
  • The pivot foot will help move the study to a certain area of hips. Feet to yourself – load more on the outer muscle fibers. To yourself on the inside.
  • When working with heavy weight used wrist straps as a safety net.
  • This exercise is technically easier performed than squats with a barbell. While both exercises have the same effectiveness. The first is less traumatic because the load on the back smaller. Squat with dumbbells can also people who have back problems. But first it is worth to consult with your doctor.

    Variations of exercises

    A variety of sit-UPS can be made by changing the position of the hands, changes in the number of dumbbells, setting the legs and feet.

    Consider the most popular:

  • Squats with dumbbells held at the top. Technique identical with the standard version. Only the hands are bent in elbows, palms are still deployed to yourself, the dumbbells are above shoulder level. Hands do not change position during the exercise.
  • Squat with a dumbbell that you hold in front of him. Starting position does not change. Take a dumbbell to the sides, palms deployed to each other. The arms are straight and down.
  • Squats with a dumbbell which you hold with one hand. Technique remains unchanged. Squat 12-15 times, but with each trip varying hand. You can not fill up the case on its side. Thus, more effort is applied to maintain balance, and differently distributed load on the oblique abdominal muscles and the extensors of the spine.
  • To modify the exercise you can also different of foot. Try using dumbbells (with various ways of holding) during sit-UPS in the “plie” or “sumo”.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Squats with dumbbells have a lot of positive aspects:

  • Study of a large number of muscles both primary and secondary.
  • The development of muscle and leg strength.
  • A beautiful relief of the thighs and the buttocks.
  • Strengthening tendons and ligaments.
  • The development of the muscles responsible for maintaining stability and balance.
  • Less load on the spine compared to the squat with a barbell while maintaining the same efficiency.
  • Active weight loss (the more muscle you have, the more energy is expended).
  • The opportunity to work with different weights.
  • The ability to perform exercise in the gym and at home.
  • The only drawback may be the inability to perform the exercise for individual reasons. For example, severe trauma to the knees or back. In such cases it is necessary to consult a doctor.

    We recommend that you carefully consider this exercise and include it in your exercise program. Effective strength training is a combination of small weight dumbbells and lots of repetitions, and Vice versa, when a large weight is better to do fewer squats. Example: 8-10 reps with more weight and with a small 10-20. Overall, 4-5 sets.

    I hope the article was interesting for you. Do not stop and continue to evolve.

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